Hot and Savoury opinions and feedback

My order arrived today. Literally took 5.5 minutes to make. Pleased with taste of tomato and herb but added Tobasco to spice it up.
Slight bland/powdery aftertaste. I think this can be adjusted with water.
I felt adequately satiated afterwards.

Use a slice of bread to mop up the sauce.


Only had the TGC so far - I made it a little soupier than I would have liked but taste was great. fairly creamy and got no sense of it being powdery. easily the best ‘rehydrated’ hot food meal I’ve had as far as taste goes - mainly because they’re usually excessively oily/salty.


Yes I think next time I’ll add a bit more water. I like my usual Huel thick but I think the water:powder is correct on this occasion.

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See lads now all we need is nutritionally complete 100 calorie bread slices and we are golden! @Dan_Huel feedback for you! :joy:

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Does anyone know why the Fibre level is in brackets? It’s the only item that is in brackets and brackets usually mean negative. A negative amount of fibre? That can’t be right.

So just to be clear you want golden bread (toast) or just bread? Got to get my work on this just right.

It’s because it’s not an official requirement like protein.


Just bread works for me as I could realistically then have a nutritionally complete steak and onion sandwich. Or steak and spinach. Or just steak tbh.


hahaha :rofl:

I know some folks were a little freaked out by the minimum order size (even though its 6% cheaper per meal than RTD and the minimum order number of meals is less) but im mightily impressed by it on early impressions. When I read some of the social media posts saying it was their most important product launch to date - I kind of parked that in the marketing hyperbole pigeon hole - but they may have been spot on.

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Yeah I’ve done some calculations and will be ordering some next week so I can join in with you lot. I actually have quite a lot of huel black left but I wasn’t factoring in the fact that I might be replacing a meal with the hot and savoury. Also am lower on the bars than I realised - a friend of mine came around and “borrowed” about 10 of them lol so need to restock those too anyway.

I actually think this could be perfect for my mum. The shakes are great but tomato soup is her go to comfort food when she isn’t feeling up to cooking and i would far prefer her to be eating this than just some crappy soup with a nutritional profile that barely registers.

Appreciate the cost is a little higher and that’s going to be something of a bar to entry for some, but compared to a takeaway or even a readymeal it’s incredible value when you look at what you are fuelling your body with.

Edit: typo

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TGC nutrition for those interested I neglected to add it earlier. There are subtle differences. 15998418044945439514327692269814|375x500


I just tried the Thai Green Curry, flavour was excellent with a nice lil’ zing to it. No unappealing aftertaste, I thought it was too watery to start with (I did it via the boiling water method) but as I went through it either it thickened up or I got used to the thickness.

I’ll try the Tomato and Herb tommorow, can’t wait!


TGC definitely my favourite - got around to trying Tomato today and its nice but bland compared to the Thai - will be mixing in a spoon of marmite next time :slight_smile:

I like them both a lot, a bit of black and white pepper in the tomato and herb for my taste, but the Thai green curry is perfect with nothing else needed. The texture is spot on as made with the instructions, although I’ve only made them with boiling water from a kettle and not in a microwave.

They are a great addition to the Huel products.

The thai green curry was very tasty but was a tad too hot for me. I will add a spoon of coconut yogurt to see if that cools it down a bit. I suffer from acid reflux and so far has been good this year with huel and I’ve had very few episodes. However, I had some reflux with the thai. Not yet opened the tomato one yet as I’ve got too many other huel bags open at the moment as I like a different flavour at each meal. :blush:

Placed my order yesterday at noon and 24 hours later 2 Thai Green Curry and a Tomato and Herb Hot Huel arrived. That Thai green curry is immense! I have been known to mix my huel into a warm curry soup type drink so for me this is amazing!

My other half always has a wee dig about my huel but I can see when he realises what I’m having for lunch tomorrow he will be more than happy to join me (I managed to sneak the delivery in when he was in the shower).

Honestly so happy this has been brought out, it is a game changer. I’m trying to get back to ‘normal’ (whatever that is) and this will set me up perfectly for lunch and afternoon snacks.

Thanks for all your efforts on this.

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I tried a couple of each and I’m impressed. I agree with @Phil_C that Tomato & Herb is a bit bland. Seems targeted at the “my mum” demographic. I’ll try some of the suggestions to spice it up.

TGC is perfect.

Things I noticed:

  • Don’t ignore the instructions to stir the bag before you start scooping. Mine had stratified a lot during transit.

  • If you’re aiming for 400 calories, “two level scoops” might not be enough. It should be 94g, but I’m consistently 10g under that when I try it.

  • My first pot felt a little underdone after 5 minutes.Since then I’ve opened the pot and stirred after 5 minutes, then closed it again for another 5. It’s too hot for me to eat after 5 minutes anyway, so I don’t mind waiting a bit longer.


Didn’t even realise there were instructions when I opened them so my first meal really put the emphasis on the Green in the Thai Green Curry :grinning:

Update: I didn’t have any stock cubes at home so today tried dissolving a teaspoon of marmite in the boiling water - made a huge difference to the Tomato and Herb flavour - really nice.


i thought this was supposed to be available for purchase as of today

On Julians original post he said general release was going to be the 15th:

also said for old members available from 8th
and despite the fact that i’m subscribed, and also had to subscribe a separate list just for the hot and savory, still can’t see them

i just find it hilarious that despite all that i don’t have access to any of it, but whenever i change something to my subscription or a new shipment is about to be sent, i always get the same e-mail 3 times :laughing: