The biggest and best Huel launch ever... Huel Hot & Savoury

Today is a huge day for us. We’re launching our first savoury product after a year of hard work., Huel Hot & Savoury.

We’re really pleased with it. Tastes amazing with all the amazing nutritionals and benefits of Huel. This is the perfect Huel product to have for lunch when you want something hot, tasty and nutritious.

We want to let our Hueligans try it first and for the next week the product page is live for you guys. It’s only available via this secret link until general release on the 15th -

Let me know what you think, we always want your feedback, as you know we make a lot of our decisions based on the feedback of our lovely Hueligans.



I absolutely love the sound of this, just placed an order and can’t wait to try it.

I really hope in future that the minimum order is reduced from 3 bags though.

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As for feedback, three bag minimum is a shame. Without the discount code I wouldn’t have bought it as I have no idea if I’ll like it. At least allow current subscribers to another product add 1 bag to an upcoming delivery.


xstex: hm, could you say where you got the discount code? Just in case I was given it too but missed it. I feel similarly to you and others about the minimum order, as I’d prefer to bring forward my subscription and add one bag to it. I think I might use the NHS Discount for this order – but I’ve been avoiding it since it was brought out this April because, while an NHS employee, I’m not front line.

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I’m intrigued but there is no description of the texture. I can’t really imagine it or work it out from the photos. Is it like a hot, savoury porridge?

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I find the guy a bit irritating, but this video might help:

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Single pouches will be be added to the add-ons page once Hot & Savoury goes on general release, on the 15th Sept.


That’s brilliant, thank you.

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Thanks! Like a nutritious Pot Noodle!


Discount code was given out at the event. It’s limited use, only enough for the people who came to the event. Sorry about that. People came from very far away and it’s important to make it worth their while. Some took flights, someone cycled for 3 hours to get there. The code was just for them, it’s not an incentive for everyone to purchase Huel, more like a thank you. Simon we would have loved to have you at the event, just sorry you couldn’t make it.

Got some ordered - looking forward to trying it :slight_smile:

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@Julian when it goes on regular sale - will the lid cups and/or those cool t-shirts be added to the accessory store?


The pots will be added, but not the Hot & Savoury t-shirts we only printed 400 for the launch event.

To be clear - you will get a pot for free with your first order of 3 pouches. Plus a standard Huel t-shirt if you are new to Huel.

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Dammit! :rofl:

yep got that but I am ( a ) terrible at washing up and ( b ) great at losing/breaking things :thinking:

This actually looks so so good. Going to go make one now!

Show off :wink:

The photos I’m seeing on reddit make it look much more soupy. Are they making it wrong somehow?

I wouldn’t say they are making it wrong. Like Huel powder some people like it with a different consistency.