Introducing... Huel Instant Meal Pots 🎉

How do you make the most convenient nutritionally complete hot meal ever made… even more convenient?
Introducing our latest innovation - NEW Huel Instant Meal Pots.
Taking our best-selling Huel Instant Meals as a blueprint - each mouth-watering meal contains all the nutrients you need, 22g of protein, and some seriously big flavours… in a pot.
Choose between Fiery Chick’n Noodles – a Thai-inspired firestarter that’s packed with chilli, cayenne pepper, and paprika for our SPICIEST dish yet – or Katsu Curry Noodles – an aromatic coconut curry with a special blend of 16 herbs and spices.
No scoops, no bags, no mess. Just the perfect portion every single time.
Get ready to unleash the flavour :point_right: Huel Instant Meal Pots
:star: 22g plant-based protein
:star: 26 essential vitamins and minerals
:star: 171 health benefits, including vitamin D for immune support, and vitamin A for healthy skin, hair and nails (What are the Health Benefits of Huel?)
:star: Natural ingredients
:star: Natural source of fibre
:star: Omega 3 and 6
:star: Phytonutrients
:gb: Available in the UK today, EU to follow next week!


An absolutely incomprehensible decision.
I’ll stick to the pouches and my metal can, which is reusable for life.
And so much for the certified B corp, by the way.


Our Instant Meals Pots are made from FSC-certified cardboard and can be recycled at home. Just give the pot a rinse after use and add to your regular cardboard recycling bin.


Will we get the new flavours in the pouches?

Unless there is some sort of barrier on the board preventing the foods’ oils penetrating the pulp fibres – you really shouldn’t do that.


Order placed, excited to try the Fiery Chick’n Noodles!


This seems really important. I hope Huel will confirm asap.

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And beyond that: it’s also the fact that the best packaging to recycle is the one that has never been produced.
It’s the volume taken up by these pots, the air transported for nothing…
Who could have decided that having all those pots in the cupboard was a better idea than pouring two spoonfuls of powder into the handy black plastic pot that comes free with the bags?
Nothing about this decision is right, nothing at all.


Fq me.
Huel is first and foremost, I am so sorry for all of you that are shocked by this, a business.
This product won’t largely be aimed at existing customers with cupboards full of H&S pouches, it will be aimed at people picking up a meal deal on the way to work.


Why do you absolutely insist on adding added sugar?

Huel used to be a company focused on nutrition first, taste second. Now it’s sweet taste first, nutrition somewhere after that.


I wonder what the reasoning behind launching this with two new flavours rather than rolling out the existing H&S meals.
Regardless, I use the H&S already so I doubt I will end up using these. Possibly once each when they are in supermarkets (which is where these are surely designed to sell) to try them.

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Definitely agree with that, zero need with the sweeteners on any of their products.

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These are being sold alongside the bags right? So it’s a new product for a specific kind of user, whilst the existing H&S continues. Win-win, and absolutely nowt to carp about I’d say.

Except for the recycling issue… hopefully, tba.

Until it doesn’t.

do you know something we don’t? ???

I’d def carp if bags were discontinued in favour of single-use disposables.

can’t ever see it happening.

We will see the price on those in euros next week. In the UK its 3,05 £, more than 3€ in spain for less than 400 kcal will be a very hard choice. Specially if you buy them online. Ingredients seems very interesting altough Maltodextrine and the added sugar are not welcome. Its basically a noodle paste with the vitamins and minerals.

I am a big fan of huel, a Hueligan indeed, but lately this launches (huel bars and now disposable pots) are very weird, its directly a product for the mass and I dont feel the connection with the products like I used to have.

The weird thing is that now is cheaper the Instant instead of the Hot & Savoury. How is that even posible?

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I don’t.

But I can say that excessively sweet bars, and single-use ramen pots, will be very popular with the general population who wants comfort food, to the extent where it becomes pointless for Huel to keep producing H&S and other old products.


Sad to see once again a pile-on of hystrionic whingers saying this is the worst thing ever, etc.

This looks like a good answer to previous suggestions (by me included) that individually-portioned H&S was the way to get a reliably-enjoyable lunch meal.

The price makes this something I’ll probably only have as an occasional lunch treat, but that’s not a complaint - just an acknowledgement that good, convenient, savoury food isn’t cheap or easy to do.



There is a significant amount of people who don’t want to enjoy their lunch, but just want to get it over with. And these people are the ones who invested into Huel enough when it was a struggling startup.

But it is, take Huel white U/U and add some spice mix or even just salt & pepper. Done.

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A significant amount of people don’t want to enjoy their lunch?
I am sceptical. I don’t believe this without evidence.
Please provide.