What is your wishlist for Huel?

Hi Huelers.

Christmas is nearly here, what is your wishlist for Huel this year?

I know a few things:

  • A pouch with a better seal
  • Gluten free Huel
  • Sucralose to be removed and replaced with something natural
  • Vanilla flavour pouch

What else would you like Santa Huel to bring you? In terms of the Huel formula, accessories, mechanise, clothing, new products, etc?


Black huel shirt, with a white logo.

I’d also mimic the better seal, and vanilla flavour pouch.


Funny you should say that I got a sample made the other day of a black t-shirt with white logo. It was in the active dry material which means it doesn’t crease and wicks the sweat away from the body, perfect for the gym.


Think it has been mentioned before, but I prefer methylcobalamin over cyanocobalmin.

More organic ingredients would be better, but maybe the price would be prohibitive.

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If it fits the same as the current tee, I’d be very happy with ordering one!


I will put some photos up tomorrow.

A slightly bigger mug. Maybe 700-800ml. I only mix up about 600ml but I have to use 400ml of water, mix, then top up, otherwise my mixer sprays huel everywhere. An extra 2-3cm of height would let me skip the top-up step :stuck_out_tongue:


@sanovine your wish will come true, a larger shaker is in the pipeline. :smile:


Yeah, replacing the sucralose with stevia+erythritol, xylitol and some inulin for extra fibre and smoothness would be great :wink:

Better seal on the pouches. A chocolate version? But it’s easy enough to add a spoon or two of cocoa anyway.

You are doing a lot of things right :smile:


A Huel container, with the logo, maybe made of glass. But i’ve got a good container at the moment.
I really hate the taste of stevia! I’m afraid that i don’t like Huel anymore,if it gets its sweetness from stevia.
A larger shaker would be awesome.

Gluten free: I don’t need it and it will affect the price. Nearly gluten free is good enough for me.
Organic: Well… a special and expensive certificate is not that important for. But care for the ingredients.
Imho you are doing a pretty good job so far!


Lutein + zeaxanthin (which I believe is being considered)
Lower manganese (without using maltodextrin)
Lower price
Huel bars (which there have been rumours of)
Low carb Huel

I’m sceptical of replacing sucralose. Some sweeteners can act as laxatives. Natural doesn’t mean safer. A better compromise is unflavoured + a sucralose-free vanilla flavour.


More salt.
Lutein & Zeaxanthin.
Low carb, high fat version.

And I vote to keep the sucralose.


Whatever you do, please, please, keep huel fructose free. Fructose intolerance is in fact much more common than gluten intolerance.

You have a great product that is suitable for so many difficult nutritional situations, please keep keeping these things in mind. :smile:


We are doing some sweetener testing tomorrow.

I’m not a fan of stevia in general, often it has a bitter after taste but I have tried different grades and some are better than other. But we will probably end up having a blend with another sweetened to mask the bitter after taste, maybe xylitlol or thaumatin.

@Power we did look into lowering manganese but it all naturally occurring in the oats. James wrote this section on manganese - http://huel.com/pages/nutritional-information-and-ingredients#additional

Lutein + zeaxanthin - yes being considered.

@eldrin - more salt - yes being considered


Thanks for the feedback - some valid points and ideas we’re already onto.

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Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

And I’d be super happy if there was a discussion on phytonutrients. That’s a big topic, but there are things that are not essential but still good for us, and if Huel considered these things and included some of the ones with more robust scientific backing, I’d be a very happy man. I don’t think there’s a need to go overboard with this stuff, but I’d welcome a thoughtful consideration of things like reservatrol, carotenoids, etc.

Oh, and more salt.

EDIT: Of course Huel is already ahead of many other soylents on the phytonutrient issue because of the larger use of whole foods, like the flaxseed, which will contain some phytonutrients.

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A Huel bar, or biscuits :wink:


@ari here is some info on phytonutrients in Huel. http://huel.com/pages/nutritional-information-and-ingredients#phyto

Would you like more info than that?


I will just re-echo the gluten free thing. That’s the most important concern as it will broaden the appeal of the product and make it safer for many more people

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Many people? About 1% have a coeliac disease, for these people gluten are very bad. But some of them even react totally gluten free oats. Doubling the price for getting a “Gluten Free!”-label doesn’t sound that awesome. Especially, because gluten isn’t even inevitably unhealthy for the 99%.
Actually we’ve eaten bread from wheat for thousands of years a few humans still exists in spite of gluten. If Huel can make it magically for (nearly)free: why not. But increasing the price only because the gluten pig is hot topic at the moment, doesn’t seem attractive.