What is your wishlist for Huel?

I agree with @Stolen we won’t be increasing the price just so we can make Huel gluten free, but watch this space.


A 1 Liter shaker, please!
And Huel branded tinfoil hat for the gluten.


@Raymondcal the tinfoil hat should be arriving next week.


Hey, that’s pretty good; I hadn’t seen that page. Compared to a varied, plant-based diet I think Huel still comes up short, but you’re right that there are some phytochemicals in the foods used to make Huel, and it’s probably in the lead compared to other powdered foods. I’m not an expert in these issues, so I can’t really tell if there’s some specific compound that would be great to include that’s not in there. It’s nice to see you have it in mind, though, and that’s enough for me for Christmas. Maybe I’ll do some research and then come back with some comp– I mean suggestions. :smile:


Please do @Ari :smile:


They would be handy to have as emergency food because they would keep for a lot longer than a mixed batch of the drink. They would be great for traveling. If you found yourself staying in a cheap hotel with no food service, you could survive on just tap water and Huel bars. No need to blend any powder up into a drink.

I think they could become as popular as the drink, perhaps more so, especially if you had them in different flavours. Many people would probably love to eat a chocolate bar that is actually healthy.

Although there are already a lot of protein bars out there, most of them contain sugar and/or soya, and probably aren’t a perfect blend of nutrients like Huel is.


Another vote from me: I am happy with you keeping sucralose as the sweetener in vanilla Huel.


To be honest I really like sweetness of sucralose! I hope it doesn’t get replaced by something “natural” just because of a marketing gimmick…


There are plenty of companies using a blend of stevia and xylitol/erythritol and it works very well. Most pure stevia extracts don’t leave that bitter aftertaste at all and xylitol is in addition really good for your teeth. So it’d be a bit more than just a marketing gimmick.


Hey Huel- Santa!

This is my wishlist in order 1-4, number 1 is the most important to me:

  1. Huel bars with stevia sweetener - It would make life much easier. Always being able to have a couple of bars in your pocket would mean much more freedom in life, more time to do what ever you would feel like without the worry of not having food or energy enough. I wish for a couple of cool flavours, look down below in my 4th wish for inspiriation, but I would be happy even if it was just one flavour.

  2. A high carb, low fat and low protein Huel (with low salt). 80% carbs, 10% fat and 10% protein would be perfect. - A lot of Endurance athletes eats in a similar way and for their kind of training it seems to be very beneficial. And also according to many studies, people in countrys who eat this way (lots of rice, potatoes and other high carb sources, alot of vegetables, very little fat and salt and often just a little bit of fish and sometimes a little bit of meat or no meat at all) live the longest and also they don’t get diseases that are common in western countrys like cancer, heartdisease, diabetes and other common diseases.

  3. A version of Huel vanilla with stevia already in it, instead of sucralose. Or a flavourpouch with stevia vanilla flavour to add to the Unsweetened/natural Huel.

  4. A new flavour/or a few more new flavours would be really exciting too! - To get you some inspiration: Banana/nut/muffin, Blueberry/muffin, Almond/honey, Cherry/pie, Gingerbread, Peanutbutter, Peanutbutter jelly, Cookie dough, Cinnamon roll, Apple pie, Cookies and cream, Lemon cream pie, Strawberry cheesecake.

That’s about it I think. I’m looking forward to see what the future brings for Huel, even if it isn’t going to be exactly what I would prefer! But please atleast try to do Huel bars, that’s my number one dream right now.

Thank you mr. Huel- Santa! :relaxed:


Hey everybody!

Well some of my wishes would be:

-Like manny other said a huel bar.(I always eat some protein or chocholate bars during work break after lunch so replacing my “un-healthy” bar for a huel one would be great)
-I would be also interested of trying a new flavour of Huel, maybe a chocholate one, so I don`t just drink vanilla all month :smile:.
-I don´t know what to say about sucralose, but I´m definetley open for some changes if it makes huel healthier or even better tasting.
-I would like the price of huel to be lowered a bit (if possible in the future)
-And finaly, I would be really interested in buying a huel container or something similar. Maby a bigger one for home and a smaller one for travel.


I really don’t understand this hype against sucralose…
I hope the Huel’s price won’t increase because of all these stevia fans! Natural products can kill you much surely than sucralose, you know…


In fact, I wonder if the tinfoil hat for the gluten will be sucralose-compliant too. Have to check…


Really not fussed about the sweetener or the seal on the bags.

All I want is to buy Huel when I’m out and about so I don’t have to worry about carrying it with me all the time. Huel bars would be one way of achieving this I guess (although I’d want the price to be comparative to the packet in terms of how many calories consumed) but I’d much prefer to have Huel drinks available, like the current protein shakes you can buy in places like Holland & Barrett and bigger supermarkets. Not sure it’s possible but that would be my ideal.

And we’d all prefer if it was a bit cheaper of course =)


Bottle with huel powder in so you can simply add in water for when you’re out and about. Perhaps with 400/500kcal’s worth in (one meal). I realise you can do this yourself, just think it would be a nice option.

Also a under 100g carb option would be great.

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That’s a lot of extra volume to ship for very little convenience!


Huel is fine just the way it is.

More flavours to switch around

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I’d like a high carb version! It’s not a problem though; At the moment, I supplement it to increase the carbs.

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It’s interesting how some people want a low carb version and others want a high carb version. Are these completely different sets of people with completely different goals, or would one person want a hiigh carb version at one time and a low carb version at another time? Please help me understand this better.

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