What is your wishlist for Huel?

low carb, high fat + protein would be lovely :slight_smile:


I’d like a high carb version because I live a very active lifestyle. I commute 40 miles by bike, 5 days a week and race on weekends.

Yes in general endurance athletes will want high carbs, whereas some people who are trying to cut fat will want low carbs.

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Traditionally yes, but to complicate matters more of us are switching away from carbs and having great success on mostly fat and protein. It shows how adaptable the human body is. I run ultras and can do it either on carbs or fat, depending what I’ve adapted/trained for. Personally fat is better for me.


How about even bigger order’s with a higher discount percentage… Seeing Huel lasts so long! I would love to get it even cheaper per meal


Interesting idea @AlexT - we have something coming soon you should like.


Thanks for getting in touch! I’m looking forward to hearing more! lets get under the £1 per meal mark :wink: (If only!)

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@Raymondcal 100g of lard. :wink:

I was thinking of buying MCT powder and mixing it into my Huel to up the fat content proportionally, I’m not sure how it would affect the ratios of vitamins etc.


Lol but no! I mean a new Huel formula, of course!

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@Raymondcal we have considered a low carb version of Huel, and are still considering it. This would have a high number of calories per 100g due to the increased percentage of fat.

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Happy 2016. Another vote here for bars or solid Huel meals of some sort.

Huel has no exaggeration changed my life (thank you!), and as a gym-going vegetarian I can’t thank you enough for the nutritional profile, especially the protein proportions (I’m finally getting enough protein for the first time in my life!). I would only want a solid Huel product that sticks very close to these brilliant ingredients and proportions. (SquareMeals, for example, don’t have nearly as much protein.) For the most part the powder and drink is great for me. But it’s true that some times for convenience or because I crave the mouthfeel of physical food, I’d love to have a bar (or whatever) option.

Bar tops the list! Much lower down the list, would also be glad to see:

  • Easier mixing powder (always get lumps except if blending)
  • more Flavour pouch options (chocolate?!)
  • was going to say bigger shaker but I see it’s coming! You rule.



I think more people need to realize this. You can add about 5 crisps for 2p and have more carbs than people on my side of the spectrum might want in a week. It’s much easier to supplement carbs than it is to take them out.


Not all carbs are equal, though.

If it’s indigestible, it’s fiber and contributes nothing. Anything else becomes sugar at some point, and is equal in a total macro sense.

That being said, add more oats if you want more oats. Add a crisp if you want more crisps. Drink an energy drink if you want glucose. Point is, all 3 of those things are extremely cheap and ubiquitous. If there was something difficult about diet and nutrition in today’s world, finding carbohydrates is not it.

Yes, but the type of carbohydrate does matter. If the carbohydrate in Huel was provided by potato flour instead of oat flour, that would probably give it a higher GI. It would also change the flavour.

My original comment was just for people adding more carbohydrate to the program and how easy that is.

Did anyone mention Huel stickers?

I’ve started putting my Huel in a plastic box since the bag seal annoyed me so much, and I’d love a nice Huel logo sticker to have on the outside. :slightly_smiling:


@Sanovine wouldn’t it just be easier/better if they improved the quality of the seal.

The product itself is good, maybe a few more savoury tastes for flavour free huel. But the packaging is poor for what is marketed as a high end product.

What is the time frame for you to have a variety of the product being gluten free? Just having two different products seems like a waste really