Idea for Huel

Hey Huel people!

I Just ordered Huel today, not because i want to go on a diet or something but just to skip all the food making and saving that for the weekend when i want a nice steak or whatever.
And i havent even tried it yet but the idea is so perfect that i cant not do it. BUT, i can’t imagine myself eating a vanilla, chocolate or any other flavor of huel for a whoole month.
So we got the unflavored one rigth? Yea, and i could make it into some curry flavored drink to make it feel more foodlike. But why not just sell spice packs with flavors so we can keep it simple, and also not have to eat vanilla for a whole month. you could have a mix and match flavor packs, and you’d probably attract alot of customers that way. a sweet and sour, bbq(maybe not that), cheeseburger flavor or whatever flavors your science guys can come up with!

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I like like the idea.

But I normally add savoury foods or spices to my UU. Give it a try

yeah i just saw this aswell, good that they already have the idea implemented. but like airiartev said, i also want some savory flavors! i cant eat dessert every meal of every day :smile: but for now i would be happy just putting some curry spice in and mix it with milk :yum: