Flavour systems testers

I have been using Huel for around 8 months now and I really do love it. I have it for lunch every day and I will continue to do so. I currently have the unflavoured with the chocolate system and I would like to branch out and try some new flavours. However I don’t want a whole bag of flavour if it turns out i don’t like it. Currently there are no options to try out the flavour systems. Personally I would love a sample of all the flavours just so i don’t have to buy a whole bag or pay nearly 70 pound (9 flavours at 7.50 each) just so i can try all the flavours.

Failing this could there be a swapping group? A group of us that swap flavours? Ive seen posts about people swapping before.

Overall I absolutely love Huel but I would love it even more if I could try the different flavours in small amounts. I realise its not as simple as just putting some samples into small bags but perhaps it would be worth it if many people feel the same way?


yes i would also love to test the flavors to buy it in the future!