Flavour Packets

I posted this as a reply on my last topic however I think it would be better categorised as feedback.

I think it would be a great idea to make a sample set available where you could order a small single use sachet (kind of like sugar packets) of every flavour at once to try each one individually, rather than having to buy a large bag that you may not even like and have to throw away. I’m sure all the flavours would be delicious but if they were all available to sample separately at a low-cost, I think it would be a good way for customers to choose their favorites and not risk the possibility of something they don’t enjoy long-term, as well as possibly improving sales as there would be no commitment to the flavour.


There has been some discussion on this before as it’s a popular idea. Possibly even more so as there have been some new flavours released recently.

The last we heard was Julian on that thread:

There may be something being worked on as we speak but I suspect it will be a very complicated operation to set up. (As much as I wish it would be OK to just have someone with a small scoop and nine barrels of flavouring surrounding them!)