Smaller flavour boost pouches

After having a flavour sample bag and trying the flavours, there are a few that I would like. But i don’t really want to buy 4/5 bags of different flavours for £7.50.
Does anyone else feel that there should be a smaller sized flavour pouch?


There is:

As stated above I already have but it would be better to have an option for a 75g bag of flavour instead of 150g. As it would start to get expensive if you want to have a range of flavours at £7.50 each.

Bumping this thread because I have the same problem. A 150gr bag for me is too much, because I have one shake a day and I don’t want to use same flavour everyday. So if I use a flavour once a week, a flavour pouch would last like an year or so. :smiley: I don’t know the shelf life of an opened fb, but I guess so many months is not good?

I think it would be perfect the option to buy a 50g sachet, even with a relatively high price, like 5€ (half of the 150g). It would be still cheaper than other aromas I found, which are very expensive, and I could buy them from Huel with the same subscription. :slight_smile:

Hope someday I’ll see this happen. :slight_smile:

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I can definately get behind this!
(Also plsplspls make mintchocolate permanent!!!)

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I’d like this too! Seems I have commitment issues and the thought of having the same flavour all the time is just meh! I’d like a bigger/better value version of the sample pack, or maybe a mix n match offer of smaller sized pouches

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Bear in mind that everything bought from Huel is delivered for free so built into that £7.50 is postage, packaging and order processing costs. Therefore if they did sell a 75g pouch it would probably only be £1-2 cheaper. The alternative for this would be to separate postage from product prices and then charge it separately. This would yield slightly cheaper products but would also put off a lot of people who simply don’t like paying delivery.

I dunno about you but here you need to shop for 60€ for free delivery, less than that and it’s 8€ IIRC

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Hmm, that has changed then. In the UK it used to be free delivery on everything with no minimum order value. Now it’s set at £15 per order to qualify for free delivery.

Edit: “Shipping” on one flavour pouch is only £1.74 so hardly a lot.

In EU the minimum is 54€, and every other order comes with a normal postage price. I’ve ordered two boxes of Granola and paid around 8€, if I recall correctly.
That said, they already sell something cheaper than flavour boosts: Granola, and shakers. So shipping cost in this case has little to do with the size of fb, imho. Of course, as I said in my post, I expect the price of a 50gr fb not being one third of the 150gr, as it happens in every product, the bigger the box the cheaper per unit. But aromas are not cheaper, and I’d prefere buying something made specifically for Huel (except Cacao, which is good in original form and way cheaper :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Of course the original 150gr pouch is great for who is 100% or for who likes using just one or two flavours. I don’t, and I can’t buy something that I will have to leave open for months. :slight_smile: