Flavour Boost Sample Set - now available!

I write this whilst giggling at my desk with excitement! Flavour Boost Sample Set - now available!

Summary below:

Try all our flavour boosts for £3 before you decide on which full pouch to buy.

Within this little pouch are 2-3g samples of all 9 of our flavour boosts:

Rhubarb and Custard
Pineapple and Coconut
Matcha Tea

Buy this with Huel Powder and get it for £1.50.

  1. Simply add 28 meals (or more) to your basket first
  2. Then head to checkout and wait for the popup to appear
  3. Add to your basket and enjoy it for half price!

Have a great weekend, Huelers!


Can I add this to an order I made earlier today?

Great news, have ordered!

Just FYI couldn’t find a way of ordering for the lower amount without cancelling and resetting up my subscription = subscription people will likely have to pay £3

Yeah I can see a lot of issues with subscriptions… That’s me out

It’s a sample though. You only need to order it once then add to your subscription once you know the flavour you want long term?
Still seems great value for £3

I think it’s a great idea.

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I guess the extra £1.50 for the samples delivered on their own covers postage & packing, not much really. My order is placed :grinning::+1:

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How much caffeine is in the mocha flavouring?

I’m also interested in all of these but I am allergic to caffeine, do any of these contain caffeine?

I have ordered and received my pack. It says to add the entire sachet to your normal vanilla Huel mix (500ml), however when I have added flavourings before into my Vanilla Huel I found it made it extremely sweet and that was only half a teaspoon. How much do you recommend adding? I also see it asks you to add the entire sachet to half of the unflavoured Huel, why is there a difference in preparation?

Thank you for releasing this sample pack! I’ve been interested in trying out these flavourings for a while but didn’t want to commit to buying a large amount of one that I might not like.

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@Jooke and @PolarisTR the mocha version contains 54mg of caffeine per 100g. This means there’s 1.6 mg per 3 gram sachet.

@Tamsyn_Murphy We felt a full flavour sachet (2-3g) was an ideal amount from testing to add to vanilla, but you can always add less if you feel this will be too sweet.

Vanilla flavour also already contains sweetener, so flavours added on top will be more prominent. So for unflavoured, to get a similar level of flavour, we recommend using less Huel with the flavour boosts.

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Thank you very much

Kind regards,


Very nice. I ordered it and today it will arrive. Can’t wait to try the different flavour samples. :slight_smile:

Edit: Tried the cacao flavouring and i like it :slight_smile:

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Ordered yesterday!, can’t wait! Will this fit through a postbox or do I have to sign for it?

It’s not very big but i had to sign for it.

If you’re in the UK it should be put through your letter box.

Sorry. I forgot to write that it was a delivery to germany. :wink:

i will try it whenever possible seems great …

Hey I’m so happy this is finally available, I was surprised to find I really like the matcha flavour even though I don’t usually like matcha. I also liked the toffee flavour which I was worried would be bad.