Flavour Boost Samples?

Hi all,
Really excited to try the new V3 Huel and new flavours soon, but I noticed that the sample pack for the flavour boosts are gone. Will they come back? I would like to try them all before buying a big pouch.
All the best,

Noticed this earlier when trying to buy v3.0 and yet to get an answer … I’ve been holding off ordering any Huel because I wanted to get all the new stuff at once, if the flavour boosts were being phased out I would have appreciated a heads-up!

I am also disspointed the flavour boosts seem to have dissapeared, though you can find them just a few more hoops to jump through, but, I couldn’t add them as a one-off order to my subscription.

I’m more dissapointed the range of flavours has changed and a number of my favourite tastes have now been dropped completly. Out of the original pack there was only ‘Matcha’ that I disliked, now there are 6 that I am unsure of.

I hope with any new change that the wrinkles will be ironed out and some things may return, though it could mean that I re-asses the huel purchase as am not even sure v3.0 will be compatible with my health issues as yet. Time will tell.

The flavour boosts changed a little while back. None of them are the same, even the ones that have the same name (mint choc and mocha and banana for example taste very different from before).
A few have been removed, like matcha and cacao and caramel.
And there are five completely new ones and a couple of limited editions.

I’d recommend trying gingerbread (quick before it disappears) and apple cinnamon. They are the most popular. Both delicious in my opinion and I’ve not heard many people speak badly of them.
Peanut butter seems to be the least favourite but I’ve not tried it yet.
I’m fairly sure the sample box is still for sale but maybe there is a temporary website glitch today due to the version change.
You could try Live Chat - I’m sure they will happily add a box to your order for you if you can’t do this on the website yourself at the moment.