New flavour boosts! :)

Just got an email that there will be new flavour boosts! :smiley:

Some will be discontinued though :frowning:




I’m a bit sad as two of those being discontinued are faves here (Matcha and Caramel) but I’ve just added a few more and moved my order up from next week. I’m THRILLED about all the new ones, like super thrilled!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’m very keen on pineapple coconut, toffee and matcha. It’s very disappointing to hear that these are being discontinued. I don’t think I’ll like the tastes of the new ones either.

Why is this a screenshot of an email with incomplete information (what are the 10 new flavour boosts?)…

@Tim_Huel @Dan_Huel Can you please post a proper announcement saying what exactly is being added, removed, and modified?

Caramel is a huge favourite of mine so hoping the salted caramel is just as good. I like rhubarb and custard, also pineapple and coconut, so am disappointed if it they are to be discontinued.
Strawberry is bleh, so not bothered about that.


Because @roag decided to only screenshot certain bits!

We’ve only emailed the people that it impacts - those on subscription with Flavour Boosts. You’ll get a full announcement when we launch, don’t worry :slight_smile:

It says in the screenshot - 5 revamped flavours, 5 completely new flavours!

Sorry! And also sorry to spoil the big surprise for everyone a bit. I was just so excited to read this, especially because apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice have been mentioned and wished for so much :slight_smile:

Awesome! Just as I mentioned wishing Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cinnamon in another thread. :slight_smile:


We’ve got our Hueligan’s backs!

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Will the Taster Pack also be updated?

Please bring back Toffee though!

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Umm peanut :peanuts: sounds interesting :yum:

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Great news!

Are those new flavour boosts going to be available for both Europe and UK? Or only in UK (like the chocolate Ready-to-drink)?

Also, are the salty flavors supposed to be mixed with UU Huel only? Isn’t it going to add a lot of salt to the mix?

I’m really looking forward to see the official announcement with all the details (including nutrition information).

Great work Huel team! :smile:

I didn’t get an email… and I live on UU plus Cacao Flavour boost.
Seriously how can you withdraw this??
I know you can add your own cacao, but the cacao flavour boost is seriously special.

I regularly buy caramel too but I can live without it.
I can’t live without cacao flavour boost :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

I drink UU plus Cacao Fb plus Cacao EVERY day.
Well I did…
Now I’m just gonna have to sulk


The mint choc and mocha don’t need revamping either… they are perfect as they are. Like spot on gorgeous

Are the updated flavours still sweetened with stevia? I would prefer them not have that lingering taste, if they were sweetened with something else I’d definitely go crazy about several of the flavour boosts!


Personally that’s why I buy the flavour boosts - to avoid the sucralose and have stevia instead. I much prefer stevia. If the new ones are sweetened with sucralose I wouldn’t buy them

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Happy about gaining peanut butter
Sad about losing matcha
Overall I have mixed feelings about this announcement.


I agree with all of your comments.

Hope the banana revamp doesn’t ruin it…it is my favourite.


Then it is a good thing they use different sweeteners, for different tastes! I can only hope they will add a collection of the same flavour boosts without stevia to sell beside the current ones… it seems improbable, but I will dream about it :slight_smile: