New flavour boosts! :)

Then it is a good thing they use different sweeteners, for different tastes! I can only hope they will add a collection of the same flavour boosts without stevia to sell beside the current ones… it seems improbable, but I will dream about it :slight_smile:

I hope they don’t use the flavour of the powder :confused:

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Me too. Banana fb wins over premix as it is now, though I do like the premix for a change.

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All will be revealed!

Yes but when Tim :slight_smile:

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Gutted gutted gutted about Matcha. U/U with that is my breakfast everyday. Please please please don’t get rid of it!!,:sob:

Also cacao! What are you doing to me! Mint choc does not need changing either, actually tastes like chocolate rather than that weird toffee mint thing they have going on with the premix.

Those are the only three I like and the premixes are too sweet. This is a really bad news day

Also Stevia seems to my palate a much better sweetener so I hope they haven’t changed that at least.


Agree with all of that @Ash

Ha god I had a proper whinge the other day. Feeling hopeful about the new flavours and changes. Will definitely stock up on Matcha though

Lets wait what Nov. 12th brings…
Might be the day… :shushing_face:

Can’t wait for Salted Caramel!! I really liked the original one :smiley:

Matcha tea was the best one, but it was pricey. Shame.

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