Strawberry flavour boost

I need me some of that delicious strawberry goodness, do we have a availability update on that? It’s my favourite flavour by far!

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No update at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll be sure to shout about it as soon as it’s back!

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Hi, just wondering if you could provide me with an update on the strawberry flavoring? It looks as though you advised a few months ago that it’s arrival was ‘imminent’. Could you give us an update please?
Many thanks

Tim if you guys pull off something similar to Mcdonalds strawberry shake I’ll be a lifelong fan.

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If they pull that off they best make it as a 1.75 kg bag lol

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Any word Tim? :slight_smile:

Afraid not guys :frowning_face: We’re reformulating the flavour of the Strawberry and CARAMEL flavours due to aroma problems. But there’s lots going on at HQ so I don’t know when these will be back.

Noooo, toffee is perfect! Hopefully it won’t change too much.

The caramel one was very pungent though. I got in trouble with the missus for opening that! Had to throw it out :frowning:

Sorry, typo. I meant Caramel.

Hot damn! I’ve been waiting so long on strawberry, its the only flavour I find enjoyable!

Thanks Tim - it looks as though Huel were aware of the smell issue over 12 months ago. Surely you have more of an update for us than ‘there is a lot going on’? Many thanks, John

12 months ago we had a similar issue with Strawberries and Cream Flavour Boost. Not with our Strawberry Flavour Boost. It’s been a long time regardless though and I don’t mean to split hairs. I do not have more of an update, I’m sorry but I will continue to pester the team.

Hi, just wondering if you have an update on the Strawberry flavour? It’s been many, many months now! Thanks, John

Hey John, sorry that you didn’t know - we released a new Strawberry Flavour Boost, it’s delicious get stuck in!