Caramel and Strawberry Flavour Boosts

Is there any sort of ETA on when the ‘Sold Out’ flavour boosts (caramel and strawberry) might be available? Are we looking at days, weeks, or months?

I got the 10 sample flavours a week ago, which included these two, but it seems they haven’t been available for longer than that? I’ve seen various other threads about the strong smell, and it implied the recipe for these might be changing. If so, will there be new samples available (and a way to ensure an order for samples will include the new version)?

I really liked the caramel boost - I also found there was a noticeable (pleasant) smell filling the kitchen for a while after opening it, but rinsing out the empty packet solved that. If it will be available to buy soon I’d get some, but it will be months I’ll go with an alternative. If the flavour might change significantly in a new recipe I’d prefer another sample before buying a full pack, but obviously representative of the correct version!

Haven’t tried the strawberry boost yet, but it is another of my favourite flavours generally so I guess the same applies.

A peach boost might be nice too!

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Having tried the flavor starter packs The caramel is very similar to the one here.

Search for flavdrops. I have to say, I find the drops much more convenient than the powder flavours. The taste is the same.

Cheeky way to get some referrals, if slightly exploitative!

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So you’d prefer them to spend £35 and not get 30% off? They can always choose to not put the code in and pay more money. Why is it exploitative?

making use of a situation or treating others unfairly

How am I treating the other person unfairly. Here’s a code to get a discount on something I’ve recommended. If you read the fine print, it’s terrible, I get something too!

How do you feel about the exploitative unfair huel referral program, equally evil? Topcashback? Evil company, how dare it give me money back on stuff I was going to buy anyway?

I think I’m missing your point, or how I’m being unfair? To put it this way, if you’d done the same when you posted the small pots up, I’d have been happy with the 30% discount on my £100 order with them.

I mean I was only messing, but it would have been a lot better to link the Flavdrops and then say “Use code [Code] for a 30% discount” rather than just slapping a link to the referral page.

I did have a try, couldn’t see an easy way of doing it, so went with the easiest option.


There doesn’t seem to be a Caramel flavour of “flavdrops”. Did they do one and cancel it? If not, what are you comparing against when you say “The caramel is very similar to the one here.”?

I’d much prefer a Huel product anyway - if they have one available. I’d rather give my money to Huel to support them, and a powder suits my usage pattern better - I pre-measure scoops into smaller containers so they are ready to use throughout the week; with powder I hope I can just throw that in at the prep stage as well.

I could have sworn they had a caramel one!

If it helps the toffee is very similar! But not sure it would work from you as if you prepack, you’d be adding drops of liquid to a powder.