Caramel Flavour

Is there an ETA for it being back in stock? It’s now 2 months?

I tweeted the question, but no one bothered to answer it on social media…

Also, is there a plan to Caramel and Strawberry to the flavour try packs?

That reminds me, I’m sure I was missing caramel from my latest flavour sample box. Been trying to work out if I used it and forgot but I’m sure I didn’t.

You would recognise the smell if you had used it, the actual powder smells a little lime vomit, but tastes super good.

Yeah I’ve been waiting forf it to restock too ,its over 2 months .I understand things can run out but this seems quite silly .

Sorry that you weren’t responded to :frowning: we try our best to reply to everyone on Twitter. Can you link me to the tweet so I can check it out and see why we didn’t reply?

No update on an exact date with Caramel or Strawberry. It was the aroma that was the problem and we’ve been working on sorting this out. There’s a lot of projects on at HQ and we have to prioritise. I don’t want to for a moment trivialise this, we do think it important to get them both back in stock. I can only apologise for the inconvenience.

We responded less than 2 and a half hours after you originally posted?


Lol. Maybe Stephan is a millennial; they don’t have time to waste. Alternatively, maybe the reasoning is it took Stephan ten seconds to tweet, so a response should have been equally easy & prompt? God alone knows. I know what my opinion is & it makes me glad I don’t have your job Tim :wink:


Hi Tim,

apologies, for whatever reason your reply didn’t show up until I reinstalled the app this morning.



Just as well no one rushed to judgement then as an excuse for a lame joke, um :wink:

Do you just be a dick all the time ?

Mostly, but it’s not really for me to judge. Decide for yourself given you care enough to ask the question. I post in most places using my real name & my surname is unusual so you should find it easy.

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I’ll judge that you are then ,just to confirm your own suspicions .Keep up the good work .

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