Feedback on Flavours

Just got my first order of Huel last week, loving it so far. I got the selection of Flavour sachets at the same time, I’ve only tried a couple but had to leave feedback about the Strawberry. It tastes incredibly artificial. Like the worst sort of strawberry laces. It really was a grit my teeth and force the meal down this time unfortunately. I’ve seen that you guys are always taking feedback about your formulations, and after the positive experience with your caramel flavouring, and the basic vanilla flavour, I was very disappointed with the strawberry.

Pineapple and co count with banana and frozen mango is awsome .
Toffee with banana also awsome
Caramel is sold out but I loved it too .
Agree with the strawberry though not pleasant imo

I’ve tried a few now, and mostly I’m not enjoying the flavours:

Strawberry is too sweet
Caramel is ridiculously sweet. Tasted like Angel Delight.
Rhubarb and Custard. Yuck! Just tasted of chemicals in a slightly disinfectant kind of way. I had to throw that batch of Huel away.

Mocha - It’s ok, but I prefer just adding Bambu or another coffee substitute with no sweeteners.

It seems that the flavour boosts don’t suit me. Sorry about that.

Strawberry is the only one I’m not fond of. The pineapple and coconut got a little overbearing when it was the only one I had left, but it’s still nice.

The caramel smells so foul though when you open the pouch, but tastes so good.