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Hi! I’ve tried quite a few of the flavours Huel has to offer now and I thought I’d give some feedback on my personal experiences:

Regular Powder:

  • Chocolate: Has a weird sort of taste. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m used to milk chocolate. Still fairly good! 4/5
  • Mint chocolate: My personal favourite. You should really add this to your ready to drink range! 5/5

V1.0 Ready To Drink:

  • Vanilla: Pretty great. Could be a touch more vanillary. Tastes a little like cake batter? 4/5
  • Banana: Fantastic. 5/5
  • Chocolate: Same as powder 4/5
  • Berry: Solid taste. 4/5

V2.0 Ready To Drink:

  • Salted Caramel: Too creamy. Can definitely taste the caramel, but it’s overpowered by the creaminess. 1/5
  • Strawberry & Cream: After going through a box of the v2 ready to drink stuff, drinking this made me want to vomit almost instantly. It’s far too creamy. Could you make just a regular strawberry one that doesn’t taste so awful? 0/5
  • Ice Coffee Caramel. Also too creamy. I can barely taste the flavours (the coffee or the caramel) because it’s also overpowered by the creaminess. 3/5
  • Cinnamon Swirl: Could probably also tone down the creaminess a bit. 3/5.

Overall, I love the V1.0 box and would never, ever buy the V2.0 box or any of the flavours therein ever again. I am literally throwing the S&C and SC drinks away because they are undrinkable.

On another note, I’ve almost lost a stone in my first month, so yay Huel!

  • Kesh
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I think by throwing most of your Huel away you will lose weight. I think they should advertise that.


Why would you throw away and waste food? You could return it, trade it on facebook, donate it to a food bank?

Couldn’t disagree more about Cinnamon Swirl, It’s the best tasting drink I wasn’t expecting in 2021

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Great to hear the thoughts on the flavours! So pleased you are loving the v1.0 RTD, stick with it! We don’t plan those flavours are going anywhere, so stick with what you love! Appreciate the feedback though.

Mint Choc is dreamy, I haven’t had it for ages actually and don’t know why. For anyone from countries outside of the UK, is it a popular flavour? Our Mint Chocolate reminds me of Mint Choc Chip ice cream.

:man_facepalming: haha plz god no

It would be great if you could pass your Huel on to a friend @Daekesh, many people love the flavours you don’t, so I’m sure you can find someone!

Not familiar with this ice-cream flavour, but it does remind me of “After Eight” mints.

Everyone’s different tastes genuinely baffle me sometimes lol, there are apparently people out there who actually dislike Mac & Cheeze somehow, and people who think the Raspberry & White Chocolate bars are good. :crazy_face:

I got a friend of mine into Huel and we both adamantly disagree on preferences between the Black & regular white powder. The stevia is unpalatable to me, he finds it enjoyable. :thinking:

Raspberry and white chocolate is fantastic! :slight_smile:

Do you like cream? :joy::joy::joy:

Love it. None of these drinks taste remotely like ice cream.

Haha, I actually don’t like mac&cheese and I love the bars you’ve mentioned.

What is your stance on pineapple on pizza, my newfound mortal enemy?

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Pineapple should not be used even in the same sentence… :rage:

Hawaiian pizza :slight_smile: try asking for one if you’re in Hawaii and you are more likely to get a slap than some food - and rightly so :slight_smile:

just a quick flavour related question

I just started my first bag of huel black strawberrys & cream and was pleasantly surprised! I normally have the vanilla v3 and if I want any flavour occaisionally use a flavour boost from the sample pack…I’m good with it being ‘plain’ so to speak

but the black s&c was really nice…any reason why s&c is a black only flavour?

all the products have a mix of common and unique flavours - S&C is also available as an RTD.

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