Back to huel after a few years

Recently bought some Huel, haven’t had it since I believe v2 as I had issues with the taste of Huel.

I bought a Banana and Vanilla bag, my main reason behind Huel is to replace breakfast and lunch with a controlled calorie intake, giving me around 1000 calories to play with in the evening. As you can probably guess, I am attempting to lose some lockdown weight (and it is going well so far)

The flavour has definitely improved. Vanilla is good on its own, I find the Banana Huel to be a little too fragrant alone, but mixed 70/30 with Vanilla, it is perfect and really really enjoyable.

It is going well so far, I have a few questions for the regulars as I prepare to order my next Huel:

  1. I love chocolate, as in - sweet British Chocolate. You could call me a chocoholic - I bought the Huel flavour boost trial kit as I wanted to see what the Chocolate was like. Mixed with Vanilla, it was absolutely awful - it also seems the Chocolate Powder has a mixed reputation around here: does the Choc Powder have the same taste (and more importantly, aftertaste) as the Flavour Boost does?

  2. As above, is Mint Chocolate FB similar to the powder?

Finally, Berry RTD is pretty foul. That was a difficult one to get through - very fake bitter taste, not for me but appreciated the texture of RTD - I can’t get close even after putting powder in the Nutribullet.

Hi @jakegh RTD is a different recipe, has to be, so you’ll never replicate the texture with powder.

I just tried the Berry RTD and it was the opposite for me - the taste was alright (Berry definitely smells better than it tastes, the smell is a vaguely pleasant strawberry-flavored yoghurt, but it has an odd bitter aftertaste), but I didn’t really like the texture. It felt like drinking one of those oral suspension medicines - pretty watery and you can feel the powder residue in your mouth.

I’ve been on Huel Black since the get go, so maybe that’s how regular Huel is, but Black definitely feels more coarse and substantial.

Same situation as you I’m about to get back on the Huel horse after a few months of hiatus and haven’t tried the new version yet.

In the last version (v2, I think), mint chocolate was completely different than chocolate, for me at least. Mint chocolate felt more like 90% mint 10% chocolate. I ended up hating it although I enjoyed chocolate, but for other people it was the opposite, so… /shrug