I’ve been buying Huel in bottle form
For the past few months, vanilla and berry mainly. This week I thought I would order the powder, so I got one vanilla and one berry packet. Just tried the vanilla, two scoops and 500m water. Absolutely disgusted with it, no taste, certainly not vanilla, can’t believe it’s nothing like the bottle version. Not looking forward to my next meal!

There are some differences in both the ingredients makeup and manufacturing process between the two products so they will not taste the same. It’s unusual you found vanilla to be not strong enough as many people seem to feel the opposite.

Have you tried the usual hacks to make the powder? Use a blender, leave refrigerated a few hours/overnight etc? if you want a stronger vanilla flavour you could just add a few drops of vanilla extract until you got to the level you want.

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Hey Terry, sorry you aren’t a fan of the Vanilla v3.0. It does taste different to the RTD yes, as Phil says, we use different ingredients and different processes to make it so haven’t matched it. I personally think it’s super vanilla-ry, but I don’t think it’s as sweet as the RTD. If you have any unopened pouches then you can return them to us for a refund, but I would definitely have a go with different flavourings - trying our flavour boosts, mixing with coffee, adding ice although not a flavouring can change it up too!

give it another go

taste is a multi-factored thing

calm down…