Huel RTD vanilla vs powder(s)

I just had an RTD Vanilla, and it has nothing to do with the powder.
I tried the powder shaken, blended, with water, milk and substitutes, adding coffee, a pinch of salt, vanilla extract, etc. Still nothing. A completely different taste and texture.
What is the magic Huel’s using to make the RTD?!?
Although to be fair, I prefer the texture of the powder, the flavour of the Vanilla RTD is far superior to the powder.

different ingredients, different manufacturing process, thermonuclear powered blenders…the usual :slight_smile:

There’s a lot more fat in RTD than the powder.

That explain everything! :smiley:


They do taste different yes! It’s intentional and a process of their manufacturing and ingredients. Worth noting that many of the flavours of RTD don’t reflect the Powder varieties. Another good example is Banana. v3.0/BE Banana taste like more authentically of blended fresh banana. Whereas Banana RTD tastes more like ‘banana foams’, those lil sweeties.

That’s why I can’t stand Banana RTD!! It’s just so sweet for me. Give me chocolate RTD any day.

I’ve just eaten Banana RTD for the first time and OMFG! Is the bomb! Yes, is a bit sweeter than I usually like, but boy, is freaking awesome!

The problem is that all that awesomeness duplicates the costs compared to powder (Either 3,0 or BE). So my question to the Banana hueligans out there, how would you define both flavours? Should I give a chance to the powder, v3.0 or BE? Or should I sell a kidney to afford RTD?

Thanks in advance


I will be interested to hear what people say, but the Banana RTD and the Banana Powders have a very different flavour. We describe the Banana Powder as Fresh and natural banana flavour, think fresh banana smoothie.

Whereas RTD is much more like your confectionary ‘banana foams’ flavour.

Please don’t sell your kidney though, maybe just start referring your friends to get £10 off each of your orders!

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Flavours and texture are both really different from RTD and Powders(both v3.0 andBE). So, if you like the texture and the flavour of the RTD, start selling your organs :smiley:

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I prefer the RTD over the powder, but I think I’m still affected by the loss of the original Banana flavour boosts which worked amazingly with original Huel white. I still have some of that flavour boost and still use it. I don’t find the strength of flavour of the banana powder very good. To me it doesn’t taste of fresh banana - maybe an underripe one.

The RTD has a much richer and fuller flavour but luckily doesn’t taste quite as artificial as it could. It’s not one of my go-to flavours, and I don’t drink RTD regularly but prefer it to the powder.


I totally agree that the banana v3.0 powder tastes like a green banana rather than a ripe one or the candy bananas that the RTD tastes like. I still find it pleasant, and i like it with a teaspoon of peanut butter, but I think I prefer the flavour of the RTD