Huel RTD vs Powder

I made my first order of Huel, coming off the back of trying RTD. I ordered chocolate and vanilla (because I tried those as RTD).

The powered form tastes wildly different, which let me down a bit. I dont think it tastes bad, but is nothing like RTD.

RTD vanilla tastes like a delicious custard, whilst normal tastes like porridge with a hint of vanilla.

Could anyone explain the difference?


Make your Huel with a blender/nutribullet and leave it in the fridge for an hour or two to get the RTD experience

Thanks, i dont mind the texture. Its that it actually tastes different. Somethings gotta be different, other than blending it.

Yep. They are totally different ingredients. Look at an RTD bottle and then compare with the bag.that will explain it.

Yes it’s very different as it’s made differently. It’s not like the make up some powder and bottle it, they manufacture it as a drink.
It does taste much better imo and in the opinion of my wife and son. If it were cheaper and in a more sustainable package I’d ditch the power and as it goes, it’s a treat fo us :slight_smile:

the RTD’s are (currently) in far more sustainable packaging than the MLP powder bags. But those bags are due to be replaced soon.

This topic has been discussed many times so if you use the search function you’ll be able to find previous threads with a lot more answers. But essentially they are different products for different use cases. The ingredients are different, there is a lot more fat in RTD than powder for example, which helps explain the texture difference, and probably effects the taste profile too.

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