RTD vs Powder?

Sorry, this may have been asked before. I recently ordered some snack bars, and took the opportunity to order one off berry and chocolate RTD bottles.

I have been using Huel for many years now, but never tried RTD.

Having tried the RTD, how is it made, it is with some kind of secret powder we have no knowledge of? It seems so different to the stuff I make with the powder?

I have tried making it the night before, making and then drinking immediately?

The RTD is so much smoother, and slightly thinker. I cannot get it anything like the RTD using the powder.

Anything I’m doing wrong?


You aren’t doing anything wrong. RTD has different ingredients. You can’t make the same thing with powdered Huel.

Powder is designed to be compact, stored for months at room temperature even after opening, and easy to mix without any special equipment.

RTD is mixed in a factory using industrial equipment, and even if it were possible to ship as a powder (I don’t know if it is) it would likely be an absolute nightmare to make in a regular kitchen.

There’s a reason one costs twice as much as the other.


Thank you, that makes sense.

I thought all these years I was missing something.

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RTD has about 1/3rd more fat per calorie than the powder does so that will contribute towards the thicker taste.