Just tried Huel RTD and wow!

Was at the co-op and noticed a Huel RTD for £3.50 so i thought I’d try it!

I’ve had the v3.0 powder and the H&S and really like them but I was amazed by the quality of this drink! The texture is so good compared to the regular shakes, even ones left inside the fridge overnight!

This one was banana and I did enjoy the “foam banana sweet” flavour rather than the “fresh green banana” flavour that the powder has (which i also enjoy). They also had chocolate which I’ll have to go back and try.

Are there any plans to make RTD more affordable for more frequent consumption? Something like selling it in milk cartons to cut down on plastic costs and make a serving slightly less? I know you can buy several boxes to cut the price down slightly (although it never gets close to the powder) but I don’t have the cash up front and the storage space for that.

Regardless, I’ll probably pick up a RTD now where I would have previously got a sandwich and crisps meal deal: i.e. I’m out and didn’t bring huel with me

Didn’t know it was in the co-op yet…

My local one seems to have many different products than some of the others, i think due to the demographics of the area.

Check your store here

If you want to get a more RTD texture from your powders, blend them! :slight_smile: Using a blender (and milk) helps getting a RTD-better-resembling texture

I only have a stick blender unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to go fast enough to make much difference than just shaking

Invest in a blender (not only for huel), you won’t regret it, promise :crossed_fingers:

Hi @Smep yesterday I tried for the first time Banana RTD too, and it amazed me! But like you, I find it too expensive, so here I asked for an opinion of the Banana powders. In your experience, how does the flavours change? The texture as read previously isn’t possible to match due the more fats presenet in the RTD, but intensity and taste worth it? Or is like when you drive a Ferrari and think a Cinquecento can give you the same feel :rofl:

Ups! You just replied the other thread while I did it here. Thanks!

I don’t think using a blender makes much of a difference if any to me.
Overnight in the fridge is a larger improvement imo.
Maybe you have a better way of blending then me? using a high speed nutribullet fwiw

Blending the powder makes them much smoother, in my opinion, something you can’t achieve by just shaking.

Yes, I have a Vitamix style blender - this does indeed make it much smoother; blitzes the small bits of flax. Then in the fridge overnight, texture much more like RTD.


Chocolate was also super good for dinner! Like a nice smooth milkshake.

Again though, at £3 a bottle I probably won’t be ordering a box anytime soon.

We don’t have plans right now to change the packaging format to make it more bulk-buy friendly e.g. a carton as you suggest. The RTD is really designed for that on-the-go consumption for maximum convenience! So happy you’re loving it though!

Tried blending it in my nutribullet today and I can see the difference!
I guess I wasn’t paying as much attention or maybe the last time I blended was on an older version.
I’ll try to blend it more when I have the time :slight_smile:

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If you’re blending it I suggest adding ice cubes before blending, and a pinch (1/8 tablespoon of guar gum). Also a pinch of salt enhance a LOT of things

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Guar gum to make it thicker? The salt to neutralise some of the sweetner (never thought of this, I’ll give it a shot).
I’m not a fan of adding ice, it usually goes in the fridge overnight so there’s little point imo

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Yes, both ice and gust guar gum (when blended) makes it thicker

Picture of you in your kitchen experimenting with Huel

I just used ice and salt by my own intentions, but someone here on the forum suggested adding xantham gum, but since I only have guar gum (which is best for ice-cold things), I gave it a try

I can confirm ice and xantham gum in a blender is a winning combo. No more having to leave your huel to thicken up overnight! :+1: :+1:

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