RTD is here


Can I just say that Huel crushed the packaging. Perfect fit or what.

I’m yet to crack one open (chilling as I’m not a heathen), but the anticipation is real.


Mine has just arrived as well. In fact it arrived at 9.48 but DPD took it to my downstairs neighbour…not sure why he didn’t give it to me, as was my usual driver and he knew me. Guess he didn’t want to carry the heavy box up the stairs LOL.

The new t-shirt even had its own little envelope.

It tastes good. Velvety smooth…I hope the RTD is as nice tasing as the shirt.


@TimOfficialHuel new quote for the website?


It would have been better with the typo.

Anyway the Berry flavour is delicious. It is indeed velvety smooth. A very different texture to the powdered Huel. But of course it is really a totally different drink as it isn’t powdered Huel in a bottle. Very nice though.

It isn’t something I will be buying regularly as I am on the whole happy with powdered… But there are certainly times when it will come in handy.

Not tried the vanilla yet


I’m also enjoying a Berry! It’s pretty great tbh


Very excited


Hard to believe that was 400kcal, I inhaled it! Super smooth, perfect texture. Vanilla tastes strikingly different compared to (both of) the powdered versions… more like what actual vanilla tastes like, which I’m sure will please newcomers no end but it took a bit of getting used to for me (around 4 or 5 seconds max :joy:). Berry is super yummy, my favourite formulation of Huel by far, including all powders, bars and flavours that I’ve tried in my 2+ years of Huel

Edit: should probably not have drank the whole bottle of each flavour, I am feeling extremely full :yum:


Sounds great! Shame it probably wouldn’t suit my sensitive gut. Mind you, I’m happy enough with powdered Huel tbh.


@Bee is it not low FODMAP the RTD?


No, it contains chicory root fibre.


Darn… that’s a shame. I wonder why that is necessary in a drink? Or a bar for that matter… there are plenty bars out there that don’t use chicory root fibre.


I’m really glad you commented just now @Bee ! I was literally just putting some RTD in my basket to try out with my next order, just out of curiosity really.
After my bad reaction to the bars, I’m glad I didn’t make the same mistake. It didnt occur to me to check


Yes it is a shame. I really would like to have tried it myself.


Interesting bit of info about inulin and chicory root fibre in here


OH MAN OH MAN I am SO jealous of you guys rn: my pre-order is at my place but I’m only getting back on the 2nd :sob:

Until then I’ll live vicariously through y’all; your posts are making me really anticipate this!! :smiley:


@jeffy89 Not long now :smile:


I am interested in trying the vanilla too. Maybe tomorrow. The Rtd Berry is better than powder in taste… Although I do like the powder too.

If I am honest I think I’d prefer the Rtd texture of Huel… And its convenience… But will stick primarily to powder.


I’d buy a bottle to try if it were on the shelf in Boots or my local Spar or something but for now I’m just going to have to enjoy it vicariously through you guys. I’m quite happy with the powder and the bars, and I really feel that RTD’s strength will be in its being easy to pick up instead of a ghastly sandwich or pie, or crisps or a chocolate bar when out and about.


Mine arrived today and I’ve tried both vanilla and berry and I like them both. They have a subtle taste. I’d love it if they brought out a choco-mint version.


I agree that is where it needs to be. I don’t really need 20 odd bottles sitting around… And would be happy picking up one as and when. I would not be surprised if in the near future this will be the scenario… And if it isn’t Huel it will be a competitor. I would assume behind the scenes this is being looked at… And if not… It should be.