Huel ready to drink - first impressions


My order of 24 bottles of Huel ready to drink arrived today, so I thought I’d share my impressions for you lovely people. I’m really not a fan of the taste of berry protein shakes, milkshakes, etc which always seem chalky to me… so I played it safe and went all in on the Vanilla flavour.

First off, I love the new Huel t-shirt in a tasteful dark grey colour. I’ll happily wear this one to the gym, it’s a little bit more form-fitting than the old black one and made of a much nicer material.

I really love using Huel as it makes it so easy for me to count calories. I always weigh my powder and use 100g (400 calories) which is the same as these 500ml ready to drink bottles.

I use 500ml water with the Huel powder and nutribullet it, so it’s still fairly thick when I drink it. But with less liquid per Huel in the premade bottles this is much thicker than I would normally have it. Totally not a problem, I really love the thick consistency of RTD. I just need to be careful not to glug it down too quickly! :yum:

I’ve not been a fan of Huel’s new and improved vanilla and I always mix it 50/50 with unsweetened Huel to take the sickly edge off it. I don’t think RTD Huel vanilla is sickly in the same way at all, it’s got less of a toffee flavour for sure. The vanilla flavour comes out much more in RTD, it’s maybe a bit sweet for my tastes still, but chilling it makes it taste a lot better.

As the consistency is so thick, I quite like having a small sip of Huel, then wait a minute, then have a drink of water. That helps me to take my time a bit more and makes it more enjoyable for me in a weird way.

I’m not keen on the waste from these plastic bottles, but for me it’s great to have this option for long days out. I can just throw a bottle or two in my backpack with some freezer blocks to keep them cool. I’ll probably try to make this batch last until the 10th June 2019 best before date!

I’m really pleased with RTD Huel so far anyway, it’s more expensive of course. But very convenient and will stop me having to buy overpriced (and unhealthy) things on long days out. It’s a winner! :muscle:t2: