Huel Chocolate RTD is Go

I received an email today. Anyone buying some?


I guess the email only went to people with a subscription. I saw the advert come up in my Facebook feed though.

I’m planning to order some of the RTD to try with my next order but I still have too many bags to use up first so won’t be for a while. I’ve only tried Vanilla RTD so far as they were stocking it in my local shop for a while. I liked it, but I prefer the powders - a lot more flexible.

I’m planning on buying some RTD for my next (short) camping trip. Not sure about chocolate though. Might just stick to vanilla and/or berry for now. Shame we can’t pick and mix flavours as it works out rather expensive in multiples of 12 :thinking:

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:tada: :chocolate_bar: You are going to love this one guys. It’s super chocolatey. Different to the flavour of the Chocolate Powder. Let us know what you think!


When is it due for European store?

Part of the reason UK got it a couple weeks after the US is because the RTD is manufactured in the US for both.

So, it will depend on the capacity of their European supplier.

The vanilla and berry are also prodused in US but they reached uk first so may not necessarily be the reason…

They reached same time-similar timing.

I think they just took a different strategy this time. The first was the initial launch, so it was normal that the UK had it first

It’s definitely the nicest of the RTDs
It’s way less sweet than the Berry :yum:
And yummier than Vanilla :grin:
Thumbs up from me :+1:t2:


How did you get it so fast?! 10 Pro-Hueler points for you

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Any chance of a 12 pack with 4 of each flavour @Tim_Huel ?


A mixed box is a great idea.
I think there needs to be a mint-chocolate RTD, and a salted caramel one too.
Vanilla, Berry, Chocolate is very 1980s.
Salted caramel seems to be the flavour of 2019. It’s a pretty awesome flavour - we need it for our Huel :grin:


omgomgomg Christina “Queen of Chocolate” has given it the seal of approval!!


Thanks for feedback, how would you compare it to the Chocolate Powder, in terms of the type of chocolate flavour you get?


Love this idea, will pass it on!

Keep the feedback coming.


@Tim_Huel I definitely second the mixed 12 pack.


The chocolate RTD is completely different from the chocolate powder.
But then Berry RTD is also completely different to Berry powder!

If I’m completely honest the chocolate RTD doesn’t taste chocolatey enough to me, but it’s not sweet at all which is a very good thing.
It seems thicker than the other two rtds (?)
It’s definitely the best of the 3 flavours.
(Although I actually really like the berry one after I’ve added melted cacao but it’s a bit of a faff to carry a separate tiny tub of melted cacao.)
The chocolate one is nice - after a long hike I would definitely enjoy downing it.
It’s not ‘delicious’ but that’s a good thing because then I’d drink loads of them :laughing:
It fits in with Huel’s mission of ‘nutrition first, flavour very close second’

I still think UU powder plus cacao plus cacao flavour boost is the Ultimate Chocolate Huel
But for convenience, when I can’t take my shaker, the chocolate RTD is perfect :+1:t2:


I decided to push the boat out and order a box of chocolate RTD. It arrived this afternoon.
I’ve just tried one and tbh am not quite sure what to make of it. Thought it had rather a strange underlying taste. Perhaps it will grow on me…:thinking: I didn’t chill it because I bought it to take camping with me and won’t be able to chill it then. Well not unless the weather gets really cold. Perhaps I will put a second one in the fridge and see if that makes a difference. It will get used but must admit to being a tad disappointed.

What did you think of the other two rtds @Bee?

To me, they all have the same strange under-lying (and after) taste.
The vanilla one is the worst and I couldn’t drink it all. The berry still had the weird taste but the berry kinda overpowered it, but the sweetness was too much. The chocolate one, again, had the same strange taste but at least wasn’t sweet.
I think I probably had fairly low expectations because of trying the other two rtds first, and being disappointed by the chocolate premix!
To me the RTD doesn’t taste that chocolatey but I was relieved that it didn’t have the sweetness that the others had and therefore it’s easier to drink.
In terms of convenient nutrition, it works for me, but doesn’t taste anywhere near as good as UU plus cacao


I had only tried one bottle of vanilla before this (found it ok actually). Not tried the berry but might add a bottle to my next powder order.

I think you might like the berry, it has a nice flavour but was too sweet for me (but I find everything too sweet lol).


Will let you know when I’ve tried it. It would make life much simpler for camping but not much good if I can’t stand the taste :nauseated_face::laughing: