Huel Chocolate RTD is Go

This was my berry solution

A tiny pot of cacao ready mixed into water.
I carry it separately in my bag and tip it into the berry RTD upon opening it :laughing:
I do chill the berry - it’s nicer cold. I keep it next to a mini carton of frozen apple juice to keep it cold in my bag.


Lol I am not as addicted to chocolate/cacao as you are @ChristinaT :rofl:


@bee :joy::joy::joy: I know lol but it’s a good solution to the berry RTD being too sweet.
I’m actually really enjoying berry plus cacao now lol. It is a bit of a pain having to mess with the cacao tho when I’m out. I end up getting chocolate everywhere!
Tastes lush tho :grin:


Right I am now the proud owner of some Chocolate RTD…I was meant to get it 8 days ago, but the DPD driver tried to deliver it to wrong place, not sure what has happened to the 2 regular drivers but he was new. I was then away for a week so only received it on Monday (another new driver on his first day)…and have only just got around to refrigerating it yesterday, to drink for lunch today.

It’s great. The texture is to me the same as the berry and vanilla, smooth and velvety, totally different to the texture of powdered Huel.

The chocolate taste is rich and a cross between a dark and milk I guess, with it being nearer a dark chocolate (and I am saying milk from the perspective of vegan milk style, as I have not eaten dairy milk chocolate for decades. I left some to reach room temp. and the chocolate flavour is a little more pronounced, but I prefer drinking it colder; having said that in real life scenario when I drink RTD it is often at room temperature. It is far better tasting than the chocolate powder.

@ChristinaT mentioned a distinctive and underlying under- and aftertaste across the range and I can definitely see what she means, although I don’t find it unpalatable, it is definitely there and I am not sure what ingredient(s) is responsible.

It’s definitely a winner.

In order of preference then:

although I have started to appreciate the vanilla more recently.


That strange underlying taste is what put me off to start with. Thought the taste was more pronounced with the chocolate than I remember with my one sample bottle of vanilla. Mind you, I find I can tolerate it better now. After a few bottles it is growing on me. I have a case of berry arriving tomorrow so will see how I get on with that.


Yes it is an unusual taste, but to me it is not unpleasant, and it does linger for quite a log time. I don’t find it a case of “tolerating” it.

I like the berry a lot too…a close second. The vanilla lags behind, although original vanilla powder is still my favourite of all the flavoured powders.


Hey @Dan_Huel will the new Chocolate RTD be added on the single bottle purchase option? I see it’s still just Vanilla and Berry.


Right sorry I didn’t do a review for ages. Chocolate RTD is great. Go try some. Yum yum. That’s my review thanks for watching. Don’t forget to hit subscribe.


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Not at the moment, but it may be in the future. It’s sorting out logistics, demand and ops while still trying to work out the demand for a newly released product that’s the tricky bit.

@Dan_Huel when can we expect this in the EU store?

We are working on it, again it falls down to sorting logistics, ops and production which differs quite a lot from the UK.


Chocolate is the best RTD Flavour!
All we need is chocolate banana! :slight_smile:


Received my chocolate Huel on Saturday. It’s lush! Reminds me of the chocolate porridge I used to have as a kid :smiley:

It’s amazing to have a really tasty alternative to the berry. I find the vanilla undrinkable.

Also, REALLY pleased to see a much higher fibre content in the chocolate. Can you bring this to berry one too?

@cdharris I think the nutritional profile (including fibre) of all the flavours is the same (?)
Did you get the chocolate powder or the bottled chocolate RTD?

RTD - there’s 8g of fibre in the chocolate vs 5g in berry.


So there is: 8.2 vs 5.1. I hadn’t noticed

Same here…
Well spotted @cdharris !

I just assumed all flavours would be near identical - like the powder

Who’s got a bottle of vanilla then?
What’s the fibre in that?

5.7g (and more words)

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Just put an order in for 2 bags of powder and now see you can order a single bottle of chocolate RTD as well as the other 2 flavours. Still £3.50 each. Can’t wait to try it :smiley: