RTD packs

@gethuel: ok so now we have a website again…:roll_eyes:

We’ve just released a box of RTD with all the flavours! :icecream::strawberry::chocolate_bar::banana:

That’s three of each, for those who just like a bit of variety! Get yours right here - https://my.huel.com/RTD-Selection

#Huel https://twitter.com/gethuel/status/1402242223480225795/photo/1

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Great idea but not for me. Im not much of a Berry fan (enter @harrythehueligan )

I can get chocolate and vanilla at Sainsbury’s but all I really want is the odd few Bananas and I’ll be happy.

I’ve been having a really busy time at work and have been using RTD far too much lately. I feel like this new variety pack is a sign that I should just order a few boxes and stop buying it from Sainsbury’s so much.


I don’t buy RTD often because it doesn’t always agree with me. My favourite flavour is banana which I was hoping to order in the next few days but, alas, still out of stock!

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This is perfect for me as I like all 4 flavours, although banana :banana: is definitely my favourite. I am sad enough that I already create mixed boxes. I currently have a stash of 4 boxes so rather than having to unstack them to get to a particular flavour I sort them into mixed boxes exactly like this (3 bottles of each flavour per box) so I can just take one of each flavour to put in the fridge at a time.

Was it this news that took down half the internet today? Never knew Huel was so powerful.


We got a mention in a BBC article. Naming all the big sites that went down :clown_face: