Banana RTD

Hey! Any idea when the Banana RTD is back in stock? I’m desperate to try it! :rofl:

Its amazing, my favourite of all the RTD’s by a long shot. Im still trying to get Sainsbury’s to stock them.

I saw one in an m&s/petrol station recently! I didn’t even know they had them in there but it’s the only banana RTD I’ve seen in the wild. And my own Sainsbury’s has suddenly stopped stocking berry and is down to vanilla and chocolate only. So it seems they’re starting to shift around where certain flavours are stocked?

Your just showing off that you’ve had one :rofl::rofl:

I’d love Sainsbury’s to do them!

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Good find. My Sainsbury’s now doing chocolate and vanilla.

So sorry Nicole, I can attest it’s a great flavour and will be worth the wait. We’re looking at this week :crossed_fingers: but no promises!

Thanks Tim :crossed_fingers:

@Tim_Huel Any updates on Banana RTD coming back in to stock?

Hey there, sorry for any frustration caused by the lack of :banana: Restock is different for each region, cautious of giving any date as my last update was wrong. We’re working hard at it though and most regions are still having subscriptions of Banana RTD fulfilled.