Survey: What's your favourite RTD? 2021

Hey Hueligans!!

After the Huel Hot & Savoury Poll was created there has been demand to create a poll for the infamous RTD! So here it is! :smiley:

Choose wisely!!

Survey: What’s your favourite RTD?
  • Banana
  • Berry
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

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Much better :wink:

Vanilla ftw

You are a legend Coup!!

Making me choose between berry and vanilla is cruel and unethical :sob:


Hahaha I mean berry is just berry berry gud and vanilla certainly a belly-filla 🫐 :ice_cream:

Dare I say as golden as J Dilla cue popular song #rhymes

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Banana, sooner I can get it in Sainsbury’s the better.

I must be one of the few that would put Berry at the bottom of my list.
Most of the time I drink Vanilla because there is always stock, in fact I am drinking one as I type.


I do feel like with Chocolate I am wasting some because it all seems to cling to the sides and I can’t get it all out.

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:banana: = :pray:
Is Banana the only one not stocked in Sainsburys? Every time I go out I search every single Sains there is and I still can’t find Berry! Berry mustn’t be popular in Somerset. Noooooooo :sweat_smile:

Will have to get a single or a cheeky box once I get through my stash!

Hmmm I know what you mean about the Chocolate it is pretty T H I C C so I usually add a little water or almond milk, shake like no man has ever and drink the results :white_check_mark:

One great tip is to add espresso to the RTD once it’s 1/2 - 3/4 full and DAYM it’s GUD

By the way Martyn can I just clarify, did you make your vote? I assume it was :banana: :wink:

I did, Banana all the way.

Our Sainsbury’s has loads of Vanilla and Berry, I have only seen Chocolate twice (and when I have I bought them all). No Sainsbury’s sell Banana yet :cold_sweat:.

P.S. It’s currently 50p off a bottle.

I would like to see a Coffee Caramel flavour or Mint Chocolate

Yeah I see chocolate/vanilla like there’s no tomorrow hahah! Oooooo you are one lucky Hueligan! Send a Berry bottle my way :stuck_out_tongue:

Now THIS I would like to see. More inclined towards Cold Brew Coffee flavour and Mint-Choc would be so refreshing I can tell! :fire:

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I believe that you can get Banana RTD in a selection of BP stores!

Shame I don’t use BP :frowning:

@Martyn78 I agree with Martyn here + there isn’t a BP that close to me. I may have to venture out if I ever got desperate LMAO
What about Berry flavour??

On another note it looks like Banana and Vanilla are on par with one another! :eyes: :fire: :heart_eyes:
Closely followed by Chocolate and Berry flagging a little :cry: I just don’t get why people don’t like Berry?!?! :sob:

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I put vanilla as my favourite but I actually think I buy berry more often overall. I think at the moment it’s because I had way too much berry and its like when you listen to your favourite song too many times and have to change it up a bit. So berry is king but at the moment I prefer vanilla just for the change.

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Next time you’re ordering be sure to get a Banana RTD into your basket!

haha I get you! Gonna have to get a batch in next time I get onto it :seedling:

Need to release a Strawberries & Cream RTD next

You know what Martyn I was literally thinking this the other day haha! I was thinking ‘you know what, if nobody is really keen on Berry surely they’ll just bang out a Strawbs & Creams RTD!!’ :eyes::sweat_smile::ok_hand:t2:

You do have a massive thing for the berry :laughing: