Berry RTD - Trial Run Sainsburys?

Hey everyone,

I’m posting this to ask if Huel would consider stocking Berry RTD in store? I’ve never seen it in any store I’ve been to.

I wondered if a limited trial of Berry Flavour been worthwhile? By this I mean only stocking a certain amount in stores before considering stocking more. I know it’s not as popular as Chocolate or Vanilla though it’d be great to be able to pick it up when out and about.

Let me know if there has already been discussion on this or if it’s been considered in the past (I couldn’t find anything!)

Cheers gang!

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The Sainsbury’s next door to me has vanilla, berry, and chocolate, with berry being the one I buy the most. But the Sainsbury’s near work only has chocolate and vanilla, so I guess it just depends on the location. Personally I think berry and vanilla are godlike and should be everywhere.

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Supermarkets in the same chain will not always sell the same range of products as other locations. There are of course core staples that will always be the same, but there are also mind bending algorithms and research data that determines what and how will be sold in a particular location.

Much of it is to do with consumer demographics, so if they aren’t selling in your local store its probably best to nag/lobby them to stock it and they may perhaps try out. That doesn’t mean that it will become a permanent fixture but they might be coerced into testing the water.

whaaaaat! It’s like trying to find the hidden Easter Bunny eggs!

Goes on long-haul trek to find the godlike hidden Berry RTD :sweat_smile:

Cheers Phil! You’re always full of Huelpful knowledge (see what I did there…helpful…HUELpful :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)

On a serious note, I will consider nagging the local Sains to get there stock of Berry sorted

rolls up sleeves

The Sainsbury’s near me always has Berry and Vanilla, seen Chocolate stocked once and no Banana