RTD chocolate for sale Edinburgh

I recently purchased the chocolate RTD as I gave up finding it in store. I now wish I had managed to find it however as after trying it I have found that I am not a huge fan of it. I know I could send it back however I thought I would see if anyone is in the edinburgh area and would like to purchase it from me. I have two boxes with only one bottle missing.

If you’ve only tried one bottle I’d suggest you try it again (only if you want to!). It kinda grows on you like all Huel products.
Try it cold and try it room temperature. Also try adding flavour boosts (dissolve the fb in a tiny bit of water before adding to the RTD then shake well), I’ve found so far salted-caramel, chocolate-cherry and banana work really well. Mint-choc didn’t really work that well surprisingly.

I have found the more I’ve drunk it the more fond of it I’ve become. Berry is still my favourite RTD but chocolate is a close second.

I’m not near Edinburgh or I’d happily help you out. But it might be worth trying it a few more times before giving up on it completely