RTD boxes to a good home

New Huel user in the past couple months. Love the powders, makes sense to try the RTD.

Bought 24 (12 vanilla/12 chocolate).

Can’t stand the taste of either, literally to the point of gagging to vomit.

So I now have 11 vanilla and 11 chocolate (cancelled sub to RTD) - if anyone would like to make a reasonable offer to buy them from me.

Not sure if you’d rather sell them all at once but if you’re London based I’d be happy to buy a bottle of each off of you as I’ve yet to give them a try.

What’s your location please?

Derby (east mids) based but in London/Luton area often.

Hi have you still got the bottles

Did you want them?

Never mind. You dont live within EU.

Based in the UK. Looking for some money for these. Not willing to give ~£60 away for free on this occasion.

He does until December :slight_smile:

Heyy if u got the bottles still can change them for powder. I have u opened original and unsweetened.
I was the opesit I can’t drink the powder anymore since I tried bottles.
I’m in glasgow based :slight_smile:

I’ve only tried Huel black which I really like.

Open to swap.

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