Northern UK Hueller, looking to trade unsweetened for standard Huel

Hey, guys. Ordered a one week supply of unsweetened Huel a couple of weeks back (with the hopes of replacing the chlorinated sugar in the standard stuff with Xylitol, to get around the chemical after-taste) but I’m not a fan - the taste is too unpleasant and ‘earthy’ for me, even with various attempts at sweetening it with fruit and two of the Huel “flavour systems” and I’ve found it to be a pain in the bottom to blend, as it separates extremely quickly.

In short, I regret the experiment, and wish the unsweetened sample packs were released just a couple of weeks earlier! :slightly_smiling:

I have about 1/3rd of a large unsweetened Huel bag left to get through, so any suggestions to make it more palatable wouldn’t go amiss, but - more importantly - I have a second Version 1.1 bag here (1.65kg) that is completely untouched, and I’d like to trade it for a 1.65kg bag of standard Huel. Happy to do so by mail, or if anyone is local to me (Richmond, DL10) in person.

Anyone interested?

  • Craig