Sourcing Samples / Single Products

So i use Huel (powder) having first tried this with a purchased sample, and i’m now interested in the bars and RTD products, however there are no sample options for these.

Is there anywhere (I’m in the UK) that i can buy a single bottle/bar to try before effectively spending £60+ on two products that may not agree with me or that i may not like?

Hi :slight_smile: welcome to the forum

They don’t sell samples… not sure where you got your powder sample from, but I totally understand wanting to try stuff out before buying loads of it and possibly not being able to use it.

They don’t do samples of RTD or bars either. And currently they aren’t stocked in retail shops. My feeling is that the bars and RTD may appear soon in stores (thats my hope!).

In the meantime, you might get someone here on the forum to send you one possibly, or just take the plunge… chances are, if you like the powder you will like the other products.

I havent tried the RTD but if you search the forum you will see a couple of threads from people who have just tried it (its literally JUST been launched) - you can get an idea of what it is like, from their feedback.

Feedback on the bars seems a bit mixed. Some people don’t like them, some do.
I’ve tried the chocolate orange bars and think they are really good - tasty, and filling. Unlike any other snack or food bar I have ever tried, I never want to eat more than one in a go. I have no idea why that is. But for me this is a very good thing, because I have a tendency to munch a whole box of snack bars if I buy them.
They aren’t as nutritionally complete as the powders, but really handy as a healthy snack.

Edit: If you post where abouts in the country you are, you might find a fellow Hueller friend local to you, willing to let you try theirs!


There is someone on eBay selling a bottle of each for £20 and free shipping :slight_smile:

@ChristinaT Huel used to sell samples of powder years ago but stopped because people need a few goes to get it right.

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I guess with the RTD you only need one go.

I actually had a vanilla RTD this morning…I didn’t like it as much as the berry I must say. If berry is 10/10 this is about 7.

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twenty quid?


Seems expensive.

@hunzas do you like the berry powder (out of interest?)
I’m thinking of trying the RTD but I really really really hated the berry powder.
If the berry RTD is even vaguely similar in flavour, I definitely wont like it…


It is similar in flavour but stronger with a creamier thicker fuller texture (compared to making powder Berry with h2o)

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I will stick to my mint-choc and mocha powder :yum:

Edit: I really like my Huel really thin as well - like very watery. I find 100g powder, and a full shaker of water is my preference. I don’t think I’d like the RTD as a thick texture can be a bit sickly


If it ever appears in the shops, I’ll definitely try one. But I’m happy with powder and I can’t see the RTD being any more convenient than the bars for me personally.
Hopefully they will expand the flavour range of the RTD to include caramel, chocolate and mint-choc and mocha too…


Do you reckon that’s £20 for the two, ie Berry and Vanilla? Still seems pretty steep!

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@africorn yes its £20 for the two bottles plus free shipping.
It is steep, but i guess if someone really wants to try it…

Edit: but its £33 for 12 bottles from Huel plus free shippng so i think £20 for 2 bottles is a bit daft


Jeez, talk about licence to print money…


Gee that’s £10 a bottle what a con, if you buy 12 from Huel on subscription it’s £2.77 a bottle or as a single purchase of 12 it’s £3.08 a bottle.
Are they your Arthur Daley mates John @hunzas

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If they were dispatched from John’s house then £20 including postage would be cheap.


Yes i like the berry powder…in comparison the rtd is far superior in taste.

With vanilla the RTD doesnt taste like either original or new in my opinion. Not does it taste like my 50/50 mixes. It is a little chalky i thought. Some people say powder is chalky but i dont get that when refrigerated. No fishy taste from rtd luckily.

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Possibly £20 just for the postage from John’s house then…


Yep, that’s pretty accurate. The vanilla on other hand just tastes different.

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