Samples / Trial Size

Hi guys

I like the sound of this and it ticks a few different boxes for me

It is the initial purchase that concerns me, eg taste etc. Are small bags or trial packs available?

the price is definite value, but too high for something I would like to test for myself at first

Cheers, Gary

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@Gary_Dufley great question. Small samples are in the pipeline, watch this space.


I’m after the same thing- also possibly smaller pack sizes than a week’s worth! I’d like to be able to try a sample and then order say, 3 days’ worth to see what life without food is like before committing to a week.

One question…do you own a shaker or food/drink blender?

This is one thing that you will require to try Huel. Unless you into to cook with it.

yes I have a few shakers @Julian

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Ok great. Thanks that makes easier.

Any update on this? I would also like to try the product for a couple f days before committing to a “big buy”. Thanks

Yes we do have samples of both the vanilla and the unflavoured.

I think it might be good idea to let people know samples are available right at the top on the home page of
It’s quite easy to miss where it is.

@Julian Do you still offer any kind of samples? I would love to try huel but like others are saying its just too much to pay for something when I dont know if I will even like it.

Hey Brayden, we don’t offer samples as described above from 2015/2016. Do take a look around the forum as we chat about this a fair amount, although I think @Coup has summarised it nicely here in a different thread you may not have found. Have a read, hope that makes sense!

Have a read and then perhaps join in on one of the more recent threads about samples here