I am interested but am not comfortable frocking out that much money to try it since I don’t have much is there anywhere I can get the powder in a smaller size maybe 1-2 meals I understand this would cost more per meal but would alow me to pursue a longer term plan

Not for Huel, unless you get someone to deliver it to you. Is there no one around you that they could give you some?

Would you consider doing a trial package because I almost didn’t even ask so there has probably been a lot of people who have been turned away by the commitment to something they might not like

The problem is I believe that 1 to 2 meals isn’t enough to try Huel and then adapt to enjoy/appreciate it. Invariably people don’t like the first meal, or the second. I think the ability to have just one bag to try would be useful, but then some people prefer original, some new, some uu, some berry, some coffee etc., so even then not ideal.

I agree with you that they could come up with a better way to allow you try Huel. Trial version with only a single pack or a bundle with all their products or have a special individual packs for a taster pack.

This is what @Tim_Huel shared on another tread with a similar topic: Why no sample packs

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Nothing to add beyond my post that @Latestfuels has linked to above.

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