Why no sample packs

I’m trying to recommend Huel to a friend and told her that she could get sample packs to try - I’m sure I did to start with, but I can’t find them on the website.

Oh, I’ve just found a post in the forum that says you no longer do them. I think this is a great pity - I can’t ask someone to spend £40 on something they don’t know whether or not they will get on with it.

If I’d known, I’d have made up a wee sample pack for her myself, but she lives far away and has now gone home.


A couple of times I’ve given someone 125g of Huel in a fridge bag with instructions how to make it up. If it’s a casual acquaintance I might suggest that they stick a quid into a charity box or something…

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Aye, I’ll probably do that Steve, but I’ll have to post it! Thanks for responding.

Lack of sample packs is indeed a killer.


Well, hopefully not :slight_smile:️ but I probably wouldn’t have started using Huel without them.

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I had the same issue, and if I hadn’t have found a £10 referral code I really wouldn’t have taken the plunge. Also combined with being faced with a lot of 9am lectures where I knew I won’t make myself breakfast meant I at least had a “use” for Huel outside of experimentation.

Are they a student at all? I know they have a 10% off scheme at the moment, so perhaps give a referral code (which I think we all get?) and the student discount, it knocks a fair chunk off the starter kit. I’m a student, and had no idea the student discount existed (really bummed about that, haha), but my starter pack with the £1.50 flavour sachets came to around £36. When I reasoned that meant that I get 28 meals for just over a quid, plus a load of free bits and bobs it was a lot easier to swallow - figuratively and literally!

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Hi, no she isn’t a student, but I’d forgotten about the referral code, thank you. It is great value, but that doesn’t help if someone doesn’t know if they will like it… oh well. Thanks for your response.

Yeah I absolutely agree, £30-40 is a lot for something that you might outright hate. It really is a gamble. The only advice I could really give to someone asking me short of letting them taste my stash is that if you’re ok with protein shakes, you’ll probably power through Huel even if you hated it? It’s not ideal though.

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Part of their ethos is to cut down on waste though, hence the reason the sample packs of flavours were only made after popular request due to there being so many to try making them seem too expensive to take a gamble on. (10x £7.50) And it worked, I now buy the flavour packs due to this sample pack. If someone is a friend, you’ll have no problem letting them try some of your Huel so that they can see whether they like it. It’s not hard to add a couple of scoops into a tupperware container for someone.

No, except as I said she doesn’t live here so I shall have to post it abroad!

Everyone here, did you honestly love Huel on your first try? I didn’t get the consistency, temperature, lumpiness, sweetness etc just right until a couple of weeks in. Sample packs might actually scare people off. Sometimes it’s the “comittment” that gets you through the first couple of weeks and you only fall in love with it when you start noticing all the benfits


Yeah, good point…it took me a while to get my ideal way of prepping it…you wouldn’t get that ability in a one off sample.

I guess the ability to get a single bag on first order would be useful…or maybe a starter pack with one bag (although I use a mix of vanilla and unflavoured, so one bag could still not help me here if I was a n00b), plus shaker plus scoops plus 5 bars, plus one box granola.

Guess whatever Huel decided it still wouldn’t work 100%


Yes, fair point. But I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have tried it at all if i had to fork out £40, never having tried any kind of meal substitute / additive. Everybody’s psychology is a bit different!

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Good point!

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I loved the Huel sample packs for travel, 100g size is close enough for a shake and it was easier for me to take 10 smaller packets for 10 breakfast meals rather than take 1 big 28 meal bag which takes up a lot of room in the suitcase. I also think the airports are happier with sealed packages instead of an open bag (i.e. it would be open on the return journey).


Me too…I did buy quite a lot for that reason…

Lots of good points raised here, apologies for not seeing this thread. As you’ve mentioned we did used to do samples.

For a long time we offered a one-shot sample of 100g for £4, but we consistently got reports and feedback in surveys that it was horrible, lumpy etc. People were putting it in a glass and mixing with a fork, accidentally using warm water or simply not liking the Vanilla flavour. These are not good experiences and not what Huel is at it’s best. We know you need cold water, a good shaker and the knowledge that you can add your own flavours, our flavours, mix half vanilla and half UU and that it just takes some experimentation.

We even did for a shorter period of time as a test a £5 bundle that included 3 x 100g sachets, plus a shaker. But still these reports came in - it simply didn’t work.

I think it comes down to the fact the main benefit of Huel is incredible nutritional value which isn’t a tangible experience, or certainly isn’t in the short term, whereas taste and texture are and can so easily put people off something that could be so great for them.

If you don’t like the taste, it doesn’t really matter - you can change it to your liking.
If you don’t like the texture, it doesn’t really matter - you can change it to your liking.

Hope that explains our reasoning, I know it doesn’t solve the problem you’re having. I can only assure you that Huel is so, so worth it. If it doesn’t work out? Heck, there’s thousands of Huelers here who would love to help :blush:


I had no issues with the sample packs as I was already using Huel regularly, I simply liked the fact that I could purchase individual serving sized (roughly) that was fully branded and sealed which I was more comfortable taking through airports.
I am flying to South Korea in April and have 6 or 7 sample pouches left, if I had the option I would have purchased a few more so that I could at least have a nutritious breakfast each morning (as I am a little scared of the Korean food!).

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Looks like sample packs are not the best idea, but having an option to buy single serving packs is something that some people would find useful.
Same product different marketing…

BTW intro to Forum on top of the page still states that sample packs are available. Complete with broken link. Any chance to fix this please?


The trouble with that is potential users will still see them & buy them to
trial the product. Not as high a proportion, granted, but probably not that
far off.