I just want to point out the disgusting business practices

  1. Unable to purchase tester packs. This forces people to spend more to even try it. This isn’t an issue for me as I’m not hard up for money, but someone malnourished might be hedging their bets on it and thus end up wasting their money. Just a shitty business strategy.

  2. The unsubscribe button is unassuming and you have to scroll down to find it.

  3. The website shows all the feedback singing Huel praises but on here there’s obviously plenty of situations where people have complained about the service.

Sure, you use that bit in the T&Cs to let you cherry pick reviews and don’t tell the public any of the bad stuff.

I’m just dissapointed in this to be honest. A real disappointment.

Scummy business practices are scummy.

Tester packs are not provided (anymore, they used to be) because a 100g portion is not enough for someone to get used to the product. It takes time to find the right balance of powder to water, temperature, what kind of flavouring you want to use etc. Granted it would help if they could ship a single pouch but then if the user has to pay £5 for delivery they might as well buy two pouches of different flavours and get free delivery. If worse comes to worse you could sell an unwanted pouch to a friend or on ebay. Or even buy a single pouch on ebay before committing to larger orders yourself.

Not really sure where you’re going with the rest of your post. Unsubscribe being at the bottom and a website showing a product in a positive light are industry standard practices which every company does.


That may be so, but IMO Huel isn’t one of them.


Asking because I’m genuinely curious as to how you formed this impression on the basis of having joined less than an hour ago and read a grand total of 3 topics and 10 posts?
If you search for topics using the keyword service then it’s pretty clear most of the issues are with courier companies rather than with Huel themselves.

Also, if you check out their Facebook page you’ll see a thread for people to post their referral codes which allows new customers to pick a code from someone they’ve never even met and still get £10 off their first order. To me that’s a positive in that it stretches the normal definition of a referral but the fact they tolerate public posting of referral codes which limit their profits is far from being a scummy business practice.


I don’t think it is a ‘scummy’ practice but I do feel that samples would be a good idea. I would like to sample individual products to see if I like them or not. There have been a few products that I did not enjoy such as the berry powder, coffee powder, the granola and the choc-orange bar. I would have found a sample useful. I was fortunate to taste my colleagues OV huel powder, but if I did not have that available I would have preferred a sample.
Samples sold by individuals on eBay tend to be ‘overpriced.’

I’m not on fb so I didn’t know about this but kudos to them for allowing it.

I think 500g sample pouches are the way to resolve this. Limit their purchase to one per customer per flavour and you should be able to post them for next to nothing.

I also think there should be samples available. The cost is too much to take a chance on for the full size if you hate it. I don’t see the issue with having a 250g pouch of each flavour for a trial pack or something for a one time purchase. The directions with Huel are clear, you hardly need two bags to figure it out!

Will add I have never seen a ‘disgusting’ business practice from Huel. From what I’ve seen their customer service is pretty good and I like that the team are active on this forum for us! How many companies do that?


I emailed them this week regarding a tester pouch of the rhubarb and custard, as this is the only flavour not in the sample package.

The next day I got an email saying that they unfortunately didn’t have it, but if I ordered it and didn’t like it, they would make an exception to swap it for another one. I’m sorry, but that is GOOD CUSTOMER ORIENTED BUSINESS. Your OP is unfounded and does not reflect what I and many people have experienced, be it with good or bad issues.

I’ve never seen a company that is in such a direct link with their customers, via email, Facebook (I got helped in Dutch when messaging them on FB!) or on this forum.

I’m dumbfounded you can have this opinion.


On the other hand… :thinking:

Maybe they put a special mind control substance in the VM, making us say these positive things…:shushing_face:


I’ve only ever had good experiences with Huel, and like the level of facts and transparency available on their guides and articles. These helped me decide whether to purchase a bag which I thought was reasonable in cost.

If you’ve experienced any problems or have direct feedback for Huel then contacting customer services is the best way to resolve this, rather than posting on a forum on a Friday evening which is unlikely to get an official response for another couple of days.

We used to offer samples, but this wouldn’t come with the shaker, handbook, enough Huel to find the right blend or amount for the user.

With only a shaker or two worth of Huel in the sample, it’s not enough to find how many scoops/which flavour boost/added suit you. These are just some of the reasons why we discontinued making samples.

Apologies if you find this difficult to find. We are always making improvements so I will pass this on to the tech team.

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