No answer from Huel team?


I have emailed the team a couple of times in them last week about my subscription.

Normally they answer with 24hrs, I have not had an answer for a week now.

Can someone let me know what’s going on please?

I have a subscription for flavour boost and 2 bags of powder, 1 UU and 1 berry.

I logged on and changed the delivery date to a week later, from when it was due. Which I though was all done and sorted. I was wrong, the flavour boost still turned up and I got charged postage for the flavour boost. Not a lot of money but really annoying as I added the boost to the powder to avoid delivery costs.

My subscription is now broken as the boost and powder are now out of sync.

It is a terrible online management system that needs sorting, and quickly.

Can some please get back to me to sort this out please?

Hi there, thanks for the message and we’re so sorry you haven’t been replied to. I’ve picked this up with the CS team and we’re sorting your refund and cancelling your subscription. We have emailed you with a few optionsof how to proceed.

Essentially the reason this has been missed is the initial interaction was sent via a Net Promoter Score feedback form, not an technically an email. We have now realised this was being filed differently in our email system and that issue is now sorted, but your comment was caught up with it. Sorry for the delay.


Thank you for your reply. Normally the team are brilliant and respond quickly, so this tech isssue explains it.

I never wanted to cancel my subscription, just get the delivery frequency and boost delivery aligned.

Hopefully all sorted by tomorrow.


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I am having the same issue. I changed my subscription flavours a week ago but logged in the other day and realised that they haven’t changed. I contacted Huel yesterday morning and had no responce so, messaged them again later in the day and then this morning I’ve just had an automated email saying they have declined my subscription. I would like to speak to an actual member of the Huel team who can sort it out. If I didn’t enjoy Huel so much and believe in its benefits I would defiantly not bother with them again.

Sorry for the lack of response Sarah, it’s not that you were ignored, we’ve just got a lot of emails. We’re on it now though, bear with us. :blush:

I have had an email from Olivia so it’s all sorted now, thank you. I do understand Huel will be busy as it’s a great thing and will be inundated with queries; however, it’s the ‘no responce’ that leaves customers wondering if the query will be dealt with. Maybe a very quick ‘Thanks for the email, we are on it!’ would be good. But I know that might not be practical. The ‘declined subscription’ was my fault as my card had expired. I’d always used Paypal to pay for one-off purchases and presumed subscription would use the same method. Perhaps a message telling you that, just because you have no issues paying usually doesn’t mean that you don’t need to check card details when starting a subscription might be good? Again, I don’t know how practical this would be.

Great to hear it’s all sorted, I knew it would be.

The thing is that we could set up an auto response that says something like “Thanks for your message, we’ll be with you ASAP” or similar, but it won’t change the time it takes to get to you, we just start from the bottom and work up - with a few priorities set up. Thanks for the suggestion and we’ll consider it :blush: I’m not that familiar with PayPal personally but will pass on the message!