Issue with Customer Support?

I’ve been trying to contact customer support for nearly a week, but with no response. In the past they have been pretty good at responding - is there a technical issue? i have emailed on the back of an old email, also created a new one, and have got automated responses from both methods.

I have been using huel for about 18 months now and am pretty dependent on it.

Separately, and i am surprised that this is not a more prominent discussion topic, the user interface for managing my subscription is abysmal given that the product is maturing. I can’t verify what flavours are in my subscription, the process to amend it only lets me add more flavours, and (at least in my browser), won’t let me cancel the subscription to then create a new one. My payment details are already loaded, so it’s basically setting up to send me products i don’t want- which i will then have to send back. Great.

There has been plenty of discussion about it…and a few annoyed customers venting. I think @Tim_Huel may be on holiday/sick/away/retired as he has been keeping a low profile this week, but maybe @Olivia_Huel can assist tomorrow

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Olivia is better looking than Tim in my opinion, she should hang around here more often :grinning:
Tim has probably pulled all his hair out with us Hueligans

Hey Raj,

I’m really sorry that nobody has gotten back to you. Over the last week or so we’ve changed customer service platforms and in all honesty I fear you email has been lost somewhere amongst the two.

I can however see your email from yesterday which I will personally reply to now.

I totally get that it is frustrating when you can’t amend your subscription, we are working hard on ironing out any remaining kinks and hopefully should seamless really soon.

Ps. Tim has abandoned us all for skiing this week. I’ll be sure to let him know how unacceptable we all feel this is.


I thought something was up with @Tim_Huel as I hadn’t received the expected Valentine’s private message from him this week…still, when he get’s back it will be too late…a bit like scolding my cat for peeing on the floor 2 hours after he has done it.


Hi @Olivia_Huel I’ve been trying over the course of the last week or so to check/change subscription and kept hoping the interface would improve but no change. At the moment I can’t tell what my next delivery will be.
Broke down and emailed yesterday as the dispatch date is the 17th, so just a few days. Could you please advise?
Thank you :slight_smile:

No worries @hermitical I can see your email (why were you awake at 4.16am??)

I’ll look into it and reply directly to your email to keep things simple.

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@Olivia_Huel my colleagues at work were asking the same question when they read their emails the next morning! Thanks for checking :slight_smile:

@Olivia_Huel Could I resurrect the thread as I’m in the same situation. I contacted the support a week ago regarding order #675077 - you sent me part of someone else order while missing most of my own. And frankly I was expecting a very prompt reply for this type of thing. Support definitely got my email as I got a confirmation.

@Olivia_Huel Similar situation here. Unable to update subscription which is due in a few days. Sent email last week, got automated reply. Nothing else. Sent another email just now. Previously support has always been very quick.

We’re definitely receiving a larger influx of emails and are so sorry for the delay in responding.

We don’t answer queries in order of urgency (because we can’t) but in chronological order. So please don’t think that we don’t think your email is important, it is.

Please do check out our subscription guide to assist in making edits to your sub.

@Tim_Huel Modifying powder subscription does now appear to be working - great! However, it’s impossible to change Flavour Boosts and it’s not possible to see what’s currently subscribed. When you go to “Edit” all the options are listed as empty, even though the main subscription summary shows “£7.50” (without any description of the flavour). If I add any flavour items, and then select “update subscription” nothing gets stored. HTH

So no reply from support as “receiving high volume” as per the cliché excuse given all year long everywhere these days. But also your support “not receiving” attachments (ie my photos of the parcel stickers). Then, when finally getting a reply after bugging you on social network, I get a reply misunderstanding what the email said. I complained receiving part of someone else’s order instead of mine, reply came “tracking said you received both parcels so we are contesting with courier”. Yes I received both parcels, I told you that already: I got two parcels, both addressed to my name on the outside, yet one parcel contains someone else’s stuff (with the inside manifest sticker showing their name and address).
Omnishamble, and a week later still no sign of you finally getting my missing items to me. That’s far from sparkling or professional.


my order arrived two months late, missing two thirds the items I originally ordered.
I have been contacting the support team for 3 weeks now to no avail.

If you ever manage to get your items or money back, please let me know how in the world you did it.

Hi Tim, Please could you respond to my email. I havent received my order. I placed 2 orders. One for the bottle and one for the powder. I received the bottle but still waiting on the powder. Please could you get back to me asap

Hi Olivia, Just sent a message to Tim as well. Please can you answer my email. I have received one of my 2 orders. Still waiting on the powder

Hey there Aman, if you’ve just emailed in then don’t worry we’ll get back to you, sorry for the issues but we will get them sorted. However I’ve just checked in and it seems we’ve emailed you back about 40 mins ago

I can see you’re a US customer, sorry for the issues and lack of response, I’ve raised this with the team , however we have just finished a transition from one distribution centre to another in the US. It’s safe to say that the old one were not adequate, particularly towards the end, and we’re excited to now be using a far more reliable team. Rest assured it will be much better going forward!

I’ll revert back when I’ve heard from the team, I don’t know the background so will see what’s happened. Our response time is max a few days (when it’s bad), so it sounds like the messages haven’t got through.

I see that one of the team responded to you on the 8th February but didn’t get a response. We said that this order was sent in two parcels, one was delivered on 21st Jan at 11:32hrs. However, you should have received a ‘Sorry we missed you’ card for the first piece. Let us know which bits you are missing and we’ll sort it out.

In the interests of balance but without trying to hijack this thread…

I put an order in yesterday lunchtime, ordered wrong flavour accidentally, emailed customer service about it at 2.18pm received a response and my mistake was rectified and delivered at lunchtime today…

Its not all bad, and sometimes it far exceeds what I’d expect!