Issues contacting customer service

Hi, I think Huel is a fantastic product, i’ve been using it for months and I’m super happy and grateful for this product, because it really boosted my health. But there’s a problem. The last two days I’ve been trying to contact customer service for an issue regarding an order but they haven’t even bothered to reply. I made a single mistake during the ordering process: when I was providing the address I chose the wrong country, but the rest of the address is cool. So I contacted them trying to cancel the order or at least making them edit it in a way that would avoid it being lost or simply not delivered. But nothing. No reply. I hope at least this message draws their attention. Please please cancel that order and refund so I can make another one with the right address.
Thank you

They’ve had a massive back log this last week due to stock issues and so have been inundated with emails and calls and messages. It won’t be that they haven’t bothered - your email will simply be in a really long queue!
Fingers crossed they get to it before your order is dispatched… but they have less staff there at a weekend and I’m pretty sure the forum staff don’t work weekends either (but I could be wrong).

I’ll tag @Tim_Huel for you anyway in case he reads this in time to help

Thank you :slight_smile: