I’ve had a extremely bad experience with my huel delivery, after turning to every outlet I could find to contact a member of the huel team and have recieved no response. At this point I would definitely not recommended huel to anyone purely due to the lack of customer service.

Where abouts in the world are you based?

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How did you try contacting Huel?

I don’t work weekends

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From my experience as someone who works in a complaints team for a living, when I had an issue with Huel and they got one of my orders wrong, I emailed them and had a response which resolved the matter by close of play that day. Pop them an email, their service was actually quick and helpful.

Did you ask Jesus for help?

I’m based in Norfolk, UK.

Hey Grace, I’m sorry for the lack of reply from us. We’re working through a hefty backlog, but making good progress and will get to you as soon as we physically can.