Any other way to get in touch with Huel Support directly?

Hi there,

An active huel subscriber here, I’ve had difficulty in getting in touch with the huel team about my order (paid for but is currently 11 days late/missing), I’ve tried sending emails but had no response at all since a few days and I can’t find a UK number to call so I thought the next step would be to ask here and see if anyone else knows. Never had any issues previously so just trying to locate my missing huel shipment so I can use huel again (been without for 9 days now :frowning:).

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01296 678516 is the UK phone number. Tell 'em I sent you.

Thanks! Will give this a call when I get on a break from work.

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Yes tell them to sort it or hunzas will sort them out

Hey Ben, really sorry that your Huel still hasn’t reached you. We’ve got your email at 3pm yesterday, just haven’t quite got to it yet, sorry for the delay. I’ve let them know and they’ll get to you ASAP. Thanks for your patience with this, really appreciate it.