Anyone who works for Huel lurking on the forums? I'm having subscription issues

Anyone who’s lurking and work for huel please take a look at ticket 258958.

Problem is my order is missing items and looks like i’m about to be billed twice, along with no way to cancel the subscription.

You guys need to have your CS team working a bit later understand no one wants to but its very hard being limited to call you guys between 9 to 5pm.

I’m sure @Tim_Huel can help you tomorrow.
Depending on what country you’re in, and if you can access the internet 9am-10pm, I’ve found the Live Chat function on the website excellent for an immediate response.

Thanks to top it off they sent the wrong flavour as well… Not much luck with Huel, ill have to try call them once i’m in work very difficult due to there hours and working on a locked down internet connection due to our regulators.

I’m guessing you emailed them at already? As you have a ticket number…

Emailing customer services is the best way to get a resolution (especially if you’re not able to call) but can sometimes take a couple of days for them to get back to you as they have a small team and a huge number of emails.

Hopefully Tim will see this post tomorrow and be able to chase it for you.

I wouldn’t worry too much - their customer service is always excellent, although sometimes a bit slow (although I tried the Live Chat the first time today and was VERY impressed at the immediate resolution!).

Yes I’ve already sent them a ticket gonna try quickly call them as I get in work.

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Thanks for dropping us an email, Antony. I can see we received it at around 7.45pm last night and has already been picked up by a colleague who issued a replacement at 10am this morning.

As a couple of the guys already mentioned, our Live Chat function is a brilliant way to get instant help. Our Chat is available from 9am-10pm so hopefully you should be able to reach us when is convenient for you!

If you need anything else, do let us know.


Hi thanks, I spoke with Mark who was brilliant at helping me get this sorted out. Looks like he also fixed the subscription errors to!

Hi Anthony, so glad your issue was resolved but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking 5 mins for a reply is a bit much even for the biggest customer experience teams, which ours is not (you emailed at 7:45pm and posted here at 7:51pm).

We can’t answer the phones and emails 24 hours a day, please next time it would be amazing if you could give us a little more time to get back to you before posting to the forum! We never ignore anyone, we always get back to everyone and very often with a first response resolution - as you experienced first thing this morning. I hope you think that’s fair, our CE team rock :raised_hands:



They do rock. The new live chat is fab. (Maybe it’s not that new but I’ve only just discovered it :laughing:). Either way - it’s great

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Seems not if you include a quote. Strange…:thinking:

Emojis aren’t single characters. :smiley: for example is 8 characters.

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