Customer Support Non Existent//Live Chat?

I hope somebody can help me out.

  • My December shipment should have arrived with me last Thursday but did not arrive and from checking the tracking details it has just not been scanned after its initial collection so is missing in action.
  • I just want someone at Huel to help sort this out. I opened a support ticket, but to date aside from the standard initial standard response confirming receipt of ticket nothing further. This is now nearly 4 days ago.
  • Does anyone know if they have a response time SLA?
  • The automated response also referred to ‘Live Chat’ being available for instant answers. I cannot locate any links on the website at all for this. Again can anyone advise on this?
  • Many thanks for any help offered.

Looks like some of the staff have been online here today. @Tim_Huel may be best to tag. email too, although there is often a delay. Only need to email them once tho…as they get to emails in chronological order.

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Hi David, I’ll pass this on to the CE team, they will absolutely get to your email but there’s just a lot of messages to get through, so sorry for the delay. I’ve no doubt the team will sort out your issue though.

However the Live Chat option is just in the bottom right side of the homepage for those in the UK and USA. If you’re not in those regions then we don’t currently have it. Sorry for that.

Live chat symbol is the little black speech bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the website

Hey @Tim_Huel could you ask the website bods to make that chat button more prominent? Maybe put in on the top bar where all the other nav links are. And add it to the “Contact us” page. Right now it looks like they installed a live chat system but just left it with the default settings.

Like in that screenshot you just used, you had to circle it because it’s lost inside a Huel bar.

Floating UI just sucks in general. We learn to ignore objects that don’t scroll, like smudges on the screen. Floating UI in the least-travelled portion of the screen is very easy to overlook.


I have so far had a positive experience with the customer support team. I was able to contact the support number on my landline (mobile telephone was giving a poor reception). The issue unserstood and subsrquently resolved within 3 hours. Is this a one off or the norm?

Sorry that you are having some trouble with your order - we can absolutely get to the bottom of this for you.

I can’t locate any emails from you under your forum email address. Do you have a query reference number at all?

As Tim mentioned, we have live Chat available on the UK & US site from 8am to midnight Monday-Friday. Unless it’s a particularly busy time, you should be able to get through to a member of the Customer Experience Team.

Hi Olivia
The query ref is 270567

Hi Tim
Thanks for responding.
Just a couple of points that would enhance the Customer Experience here.
I am Ireland, so I understand that Live Chat will not be available to me. That is not an issue. But please amend the Zendesk auto-response to reflect this. Saves me looking for the symbol and you have to explain why it’s not there :grinning:
Also, front up your response times. It easy to do in Zendesk, again just amend the auto-response text and just say something along the lines of 'we are currently responding to queries received on x date. Currently, you explain that the response time will be a little longer than usual. Given that I have no way of knowing what your typical/target response time is I have no way to understand what this actually means. By and large, customers will appreciate this and you will see you repeat queries and escalations reduce.


Out of interest where did you locate the phone number? I could not on the Contact Us screen fromI Ireland.

Hi Olivia just confirming the email address I am using here is the same as in the support ticket.

I google searched for Huel Customer Support UK and it returned this: 01296 678516.

Thanks matey

Some good news. The parcel has arrived today.
Normally UPS deliver the package and it fully scanned from Germany to Ireland and I will receive it a Thursday, making my order on the previous Saturday.
The package today was delivered by An Post (Irish Post Office) and was shipped by DHL, with aside from one scan on Germany on the 9th nothing further Is this a new thing that will be happening from now on? Can you communicate with your community please and let them know.

This is the problem I had too, Davey. I am in Dublin & expected my November delivery in time to bring on holiday with me. Normally it arrives in 5 or 6 days by UPS but this last one was via An Post and they held onto it an extra 9 days then put the missed delivery card into an empty house 2 doors down. I’m back from my huel-free holiday and collected the parcel today - it had been opened and re-taped with 2 Huel bars missing.
I hope Huel go back to using couriers.

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Meh, seems like EU is a secondary market to Huel as we are the last to get new flavors (RTD) and the last to get good support options.

That seems overly critical/harsh. Despite its success, Huel is still a relatively small company logistically and even major brand owners rarely do simultaneous global roll outs of new products – whether this is for test marketing or supply/distribution reasons. Huel in the UK also has - and actively recruits - native language speaking customer engagement staff for many countries in the EU, so to suggest that the EU market is being treated in some way as a second class customer is very disingenuous.

Every business has roadmaps and business plans for multiple markets and to give all markets equal priority and access to full product ranges is a huge undertaking. Look at Apple for example – a trillion dollar business – that only managed a true global simultaneous (hardware) product launch in 2019, after many years of doing staggered releases.

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We promise this isn’t the case! We love our EU Hueligans just as much!

As @Phil_C suggested, we have several language speakers in house, specifically to support these markets, including French, Italian, Spanish, Polish & Swedish. We are still a small team, and in many cases, only one dedicated language speaker per market - they can only type so fast!

We also have different manufacturers, fulfilment & logistics partners across Europe which sometimes means time frames for product launches can be slightly different - the same for our Hueligans in the USA.

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I had an issue with my most recent delivery as well (Late and missing flavour boosts) and was left frustrated after not receiving a response from my 2 email queries. Turns out there was a stock issue which caused delay. I eventually got through on live chat and received great service from Phoebe at Huel.

My main feedback would be for Huel to think about pro-active communications on delays/stock issues. I have no problem with these type of things happening as I understand it’s going to be the case occasionally, but had I received a simple notification that there was a problem/delay, I wouldn’t have contacted huel in the first place and just waited. Since I received nothing, I assumed my delivery was lost so started to query. Pro-active comms would reduce the amount of queries your customer service team has to deal with and improve the experience for customers when things go wrong.


100%. I had a renewal on Dec 17. Rather than email me saying they were out of 2.3 stock, and didn’t have 3 stock, they just let it lapse.

Yesterday, when I realized my food still wasn’t here and I had to start packing for a holiday trip, I checked in. Oh, it moved to the 20th? Contacted support who told me it shipped yesterday, and that I’d have an email with FE label soon. Oh, the kicker, maybe between 12/25 - 1/1 was their estimate in chat.

Cut to this AM , I get an email saying it’s en route. Checked FE, it’s just label printed status. I run an ecomm site that ships, and this is just a delay tactic, and most likely the product won’t actually leave until Monday the 23rd.

They don’t seem to care that their repeat customers on subscriptions probably rely on the food for dietary needs, or get into that routine. I paused my subscription, and have ordered some Gainful.

Really disappointed in the lack of communication, especially around the holidays. Anyone with fulfillment knowledge would understand the need to work overtime at this time of year, or I dunno, NOT try to launch a new product right at XMAS.