No response from support

I placed an order and had contacted support to make a change but i got no response. still no response from second follow up email either. Also hasnt shipped out and seems slow. Any one else have issues?

Customer services are normally very responsive. They are active on the forums so expect a reply tomorrow.

US or UK order? I’ve seen some mentions that the US orders take… eh, “a while” to ship…

Or perhaps one of the many other countries Huel delivers to?

I suspect they mean ordering from the US or UK sites (and likely forgot about the separate German site).

There’s a German site now? Neat.

There’s been a German site as long as I’ve been a customer.

It doesn’t seem to be useful though. It’s just a translation of the site and you often can’t buy some things from it as it’s not updated. I had some friends try to order Huel and actually gave up, as they don’t speak German and you can’t order Huel in Germany from :confused:

FWIW, I just placed an order today (on the UK site) and I’ve been confirmed for delivery tomorrow so it’s working fine form here.
I’m sure somebody on the huel team will be on here in the morning, you might want to give some details so they can quickly track down your query

It is on the US site. Did get a response today. Thanks!


Glad to hear you got a response, just so you know there is a US Forum which you can access from the top navigation at Sorry for any delay in the response we gave you.

Is anything specific that we haven’t updated before and what other functionality would you like to see on

Huel bars weren’t available for quite a while. I think it was you who offered to manually process a purchase for me at the time.

It seems very odd that your company does everything in English, but when I go to buy something it has to be in German. My German was good enough to negotiate my way through the purchasing process but friends of mine just gave up and decided it wasn’t worth the hassle of trying to work it all out.

This could be solved if you just let customers in Germany buy from I’m guessing it’s a technical problem with Shopify which is stopping you from offering sales for us on, but it’d be helpful for some people if you could find a way to change that.

Just because someone lives somewhere doesn’t mean they speak the local lingo :wink: It could be confusing for German speakers elsewhere too, as they may go to and assume there is no way to purchase Huel in their current location.