Very slow customer support

Hi team,

I really love Huel, I’ve been a regular consumer since 2017 and I will continue to be.

However, even that I completely understand you’re busy (that’s good in some way), I feel it’s completely unreasonable to have customers waiting for more than 2 full business days before hearing an answer to support requests sent to

I sent you a question (request ID 250025) on Nov 19, 1:46 PM CET, but the only answer I got was an automatic message saying you will get back to me as soon as possible.

Personally, if I didn’t know you as a company, this will certainly make me believe you’re not serious :frowning: And it’s sad because even that you deliver an amazing product, I’m sure some new customers get annoyed and move to the competition because of this (I saw other complaints in the forum about slow support answers).

I think you should hardly try to answer all support tickets in at most 1 business day, even if the answer is just: We'll need more time to resolve your problem. Investing a bit more in support will definitively make your new (and existing) customers feel more supported and see you as a more professional company.



Hey Vaniv,

I just wanted to reassure you that nobody is ignoring you!

We are still a relatively small team and are going through a busy period, particularly in the EU where we are in the process of changing fulfilment centres.

We received your email from Tuesday afternoon and the second email from this morning. Don’t worry, we’re on it and someone will be in touch soon.

I agree. Very poor customer service.
I contacted last Wednesday to move my order date for next week forward by 1 day. This used to be easy as a customer but no such option is available now.

If and when I get a reply it will be too late. My order is set for Tuesday which means I don’t get it til the following Monday afternoon - the courier holds onto it over the weekend. One day earlier I would get it same week, before the weekend.
After this order I plan to cancel my subscription and just buy ad hoc if I want some. I am not comfortable with a subscription I cannot control either myself or by email.

It’s a shame but not practical for me.

You should be able to change the date yourself. Log in to Your Account

Then click Manage on the upcoming subscription and edit it to change the date. It worked for me earlier today.

I’m always tweaking the date on mine.

I have tried this multiple times on phone and iPad. No option to change date. The only option available to me is ‘Add to Order’

I’ve never used the site on my phone so I just tried it to see how it looks. Everything is shuffled around a bit, but the edit button is directly under the product you want to change.

If you have more than one product, you have to edit the date for each one separately.

When I press edit on my regular subscription order and try to change the date with ‘update subscription’ I get a message “this product is not available for subscription”

What product is it?

Just the regular powder I’ve been getting for 6 months. I also changed from original to vanilla last month to give it a try & it won’t let me change back.
I think I’d better cancel the whole thing and start a new subscription. Definitely won’t get it a day earlier now!

Turns out even the Add to order doesn’t work. Same error message “this product is not available for subscription” I thought I might just add the Original powder, get this order, then cancel my subscription & account with enough supply not to have to think about it for a while.

Definitely sounds like something is broken.

I’m wondering if it’s possible it’s already been packed and shipped? Hence why you can’t edit it?
Where are you? Obviously not the UK as we get ours the next day.
I think the date on your subscription is the delivery date not the dispatch date (I could be wrong - someone please correct me if I am). But this date may only be accurate if you’re in the UK as shipping overseas has a less predictable time scale.

I think it’s the date you get charged, so the day before the delivery date. I was 100% sure until I started replying and now I’m like 80% sure and falling.

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for me the monthly date I set is the day I get charged - sometimes Fedex collect it that day but more often than not its the day after. So for this coming one the sub date is on a Thursday so I would expect pickup Friday and delivery Tuesday latest.


I just received a reply from last week’s request to My date change & reverting back to Original flavour have been actioned from their end.
Still not sure why I cannot make amendments myself for my own subscription but I am leaving well alone as for now I am (fingers crossed) getting what I want.